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    Fun Facts

    Hippos "sweat" a reddish substance that acts as sunscreen too. N also they cant swim, they just boing along off the bottom real fast.
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    I should have superpowers to protect everyone in my life and if I can't I've failed

    I get this to some point, it fell on me a lot as a kid (and also as an adult but I'm less bothered now cos its constant due to my career path) But I think it's useful to look at what you can physically do. Like for me I was blamed for my grandad dying who had advanced dementia, could I have...
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    Suicidal ideation

    Could you tell me the difference between suicidal ideation and suicidal intent?
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    The 'Love Yourself First' Debate

    This. I think if you dont have a good relationship with yourself you fall into two sides of either accepting whatever comes along, or using the other person as a tool to fix your mental health issues. And neither are healthy. Imo, in friendship or relationship.
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    Childhood ?abuse by cousin

    So I grew up in a pretty neglectful/abusive family but I've got quite a lot of cousins and the cousin I'm on about I spent a weekend a month with from when I remember until I started refusing at about 10. So for context he was later arrested for torturing and killing animals. He had an older...
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    Really interesting description of mdma-assisted trauma therapy

    This is my initial thoughts on it. Admittedly I've never taken anything stronger than weed but I'm def a bit of a control freak and not having full sober control over what I say in therapy gives me the fear. Then saying that, I cant argue that it might be what I should be doing, hah.
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    Curiosity & Complacency

    I stay curious by travelling related stuff mostly. I go abroad whenever I can. N I'm currently trying to relearn a different language. I also am always trying to understand my work stuff better but I'm not sure that fully applies cos it's probably more than most of my colleagues aim for but is...
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    Was I exposed to formaldehyde?

    This can't be real. Cos on the floor, where? How do you know it's a joint n not just a rolled cig? Or any other shit people can roll n smoke? I call bull tbh
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    Sufferer Hey y'all - Lingering symptoms after EMDR & unsure whether to get professional input or not.

    Sorry this is an old intro thread but I keep going back n forth on this. So much where I've made initial appointments then cancelled. I think the main issue is that I am mostly fine. Like most issues could be resolved by just fixing my actual life in practical ways. But why cant I just do that...
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    Spanish tortilla and cherry Pepsi max
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    Was I exposed to formaldehyde?

    You've posted before about panicking when you're high. So I'm gonna say you're high and panicking. Maybe quit getting high
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    Sufferer Hey y'all - Lingering symptoms after EMDR & unsure whether to get professional input or not.

    Hey, I had adult sexual trauma, reported to police but not enough evidence to proceed. Which is honestly fine as I'm not sure what I hoped for anyway. Diagnosed with ptsd. Had emdr which was helpful but it was nhs so once acute symptoms stopped I kinda felt like I should let somebody else get...
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    Dealing with an unsupportive family

    How old are you? And are these family members the ones that traumatised you? Because it's normal for abusers to deny the effects of their abuse. And normal for people who didnt protect you to deny they ever knew. It doesnt make it okay but you also cant force them to understand. As to...