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    Sufferer Hoping to find a sense of community here

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you find the support you need.
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    What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

    I’m thinking I need to post more on here and especially in my trauma diary!
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    Sufferer Childhood trauma, parent, partner, treehugger

    Hello and welcome! I definitely also recommend online/offline support groups! It’s amazing what you can get out of just talking to people who have similar feelings and experiences. Check out local ones first but also online isn’t a bad option either if none are nearby.
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    Undiagnosed Undiagnosed, yet my PTSD has been obvious to everyone but me. I thought it was just stress and bad luck, i told myself.

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Sucks that you had an experience or experiences that brought you here but look forward to chatting and hope you find support here. If you have a lot to say about your trauma, then I HIGHLY recommend the trauma diaries section because it can be very helpful to say...
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    Sufferer Hi y'all - PTSD, DID, MDD, ADHD, & Gender Dysphoria FTM/non binary.

    Hey! Welcome to the forum! I’m ftm trans as well, though not nonbinary. Sorry for the experiences that brought you here but hope to see you around and that you find the support here that you need.
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    Sufferer Father French kissing me

    Well, by definition, the kissing does count as sexual abuse of a child. That’s still sexual assault! I don’t think it needs to be worse to be valid-that’s pretty messed up and you’re within your right to feel bad about it. And shaming a kid isn’t right either, with what your mom did. I don’t...
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    Sufferer Hello everyone! I’m coming to terms with a lot of my trauma recently and putting words to what it all means.

    The one thing I hate about being a cat parent is the litter boxes so I totally get it! That said, I’m not just a cat lover. I’m a dog lover too! I just got cats when my dog passed away a few years ago. Couldn’t replace her, you know? Thanks for the welcome!
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    Other anyone know or have experience with alexathymia

    Yea, I’m trying to identity my feelings now, because I’ve always had trouble with it! I just get general senses of anxiety in my chest and stomach when there are extremes that pop up but I can’t tell very well what they actually mean.
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    Undiagnosed My personal hell

    Unfortunately, that’s normal for most of us. Not getting answers right away, having hospital bills to pay they won’t cover, and dealing with all the trauma that comes with being sick and not taken seriously. All that is to say, you’re never alone. I’ve found a lot of comfort in communities...
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    Undiagnosed My personal hell

    I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time! I’m struggling similarly, with things from the past popping up again, and I’m hoping the community here may help me process and deal with some of it along with a psychiatrist and therapist. You’re definitely not alone in relapsing when it comes to...
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    Sufferer Hello everyone! I’m coming to terms with a lot of my trauma recently and putting words to what it all means.

    I’m Jayden or Jay, for short. I’m coming to terms with a lot of my trauma recently and putting words to what it all means. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD in the past but I was in remission, according to a therapist. But honestly, I think I was mostly just repressing and not actually dealing with...
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    Any positive help for PTSD and Prazosin HCL - Concerned about weight loss.

    I’ve not had any issues with it with gaining or losing weight! It just helps me with my PTSD trauma nightmares and stuff. I can actually dream normal stuff now and not relive trauma or have messed up trauma related nightmares!
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    Write a happy story in 3 words

    My cat purrs.
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    I’m..angry at my abuser. I’m disappointed at myself for not seeing the signs sooner. I’m angry that the adults in my life didn’t take the signs as warning and help me and instead ignored it. I’m tired of dealing with the fallout of trauma when I don’t even know what to do about it. I’m...
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    I ate a chocolate chip muffin and drank some brisk fruit punch drink.