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    How Does A Daddy Let Go ?

    I thought this dong might help. Also *hugs*
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    I don't know the situation so I can't really help.. but I can send hugs! And if you want to talk in detail feel free t PM me-- I have experience with Dad issues. Maybe this will cheer you up?
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    Whinge Whine Moan - Feel Free Not To Read - Just Want To Vent

    I would feel bad about that too, but the "hung drawn and quartered" I would see as a way to make the friend not freak out. IE if I don't want to go somehwere I'll say "sorry my mom is being a b*tch and I need to stay in tonight" or "sorry my friend really needs me." He could be scapegoating. And...
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    Sufferer My Intro And Story

    Welcome to the forum! Good for you for getting out of that relationship and I hope this site helps you in your healing journey!
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    Female Disorder

    That seems very stressful :( The only thing I can think of is move to Canada so you have healthcare automatically but I feel like that would be a bigger stressor haha *more hugs*
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    Female Disorder

    First off, *hugs* Second (this may not help at all and apologies if it doesn't), but by watching a lot of videos on sexual assault and also others on non heterosexual relationships, some people formulate virginity as not a physical thing, but an inner emotional thing (ie do lesbians never lose...
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    Sufferer I Don't Know What To Do...

    You aren't going crazy! Our bodies just don't like us forgetting things :( *hugs* if you want them!
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    My Precious Little Angel Turns Six Years Old.

    *hugs* if you want them
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    How do you stop feeling worthless?

    WHat I find helps is writing down facts that are accomplishments (if that makes sense) ie I'm in university; I ate today; I've made it till 20 etc etc. Good luck and PM me if you wanna talk! :)
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    ED Haven't eaten in over 4 days, i actually don't want to.

    When I can't make myself eat for whatever reason, I eat mints. it gives you a bit of sugar and can make you feel hungry. The thing is once you hit about 24-30 hours withut food (in my experience) your body starts using up the nutrients in your body and it creates a safety mechanism where you...
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    Sufferer Meeee:)

    Welcome to the forum! I hope it helps you in your healing process :)
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    Issues With Wife Having Male Friends

    I used to feel this way too. My (now ex) boyfriend and I compromised with his going out less. I totally understand where you are coming from and believe that compromise might be necessary for both of you (and it sounds like you arw roking on it). However unfair it is, I think the onus is on you...
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    Which Movies Portray Ptsd In A Respectful Way?

    Iron Man 3 :) It's not a main point but I think they did a good job about addressing it
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    Dom Violence My Brother Is At It Again, And This Time, He's Crossed The Line

    First off, *hugs* if you want them. Second, I'm all for you filing and informing your psych, but you just have to be aware that if the charges don't stick or something like that, you could be in even more danger. I too have experience with this sort of behaviour, so feel free to PM me if you...
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    Anti-adblocker Now Installed

    This is the only site I've turned off Ad-Block for. Did it ages ago :) Much happier with the Amazon ads than the ads we used to have on here!! :)
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    Lauries Trauma's In A Thread

    *hugs* to Laurie. Also I know a good school with a psych program.. *cough cough in Canada...* *cough cough my school*
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    Other Narcolepsy like ptsd symptoms

    I'm getting tested for narcolepsy (did the sleep test last week). There is a lot of overlap so feel free to PM me!
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    My Mums Nearly Gone Not Sure How To Deal With It

    *hugs* I'm sorry I can't fix it but please PM me if you need to talk!
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    Death Fist Time In 12 Years I Have Been Able To Grieve.

    Good for you for taking such a significant step in your healing! :hug: if you want them!
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    Santa Is Leaving The Forum

    I was super worried you were leaving! I'll do my best to not call you Mildred, Laurie :)
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    My Body Doesn't Respond To Meds-help

    HAHA thanks @joeylittle I was quite confused :P
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    My Body Doesn't Respond To Meds-help

    I don't know what happened my post was in response to someone else... haha
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    My Body Doesn't Respond To Meds-help

    I'm dangerously hyper sensitive to medications so I know how you feel. Depending on how long you have symptoms and how serious they are, you just have to wait them out. It took me 3 months to get to a point where I could tolerate 10 mg of Cipralex without having to take ginger pills for nausea...
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    When my world becomes chaotic I think "PLOT TWIST," and that amuses me enough that my head gets a bit clearer and I feel better. Because remember that you are the protagonist to your story so you have to win out, a few plot twists later :)
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    My Life And All That Jazz

    Try melatonin for the sleeping?