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    I am in hate with myself

    At the end of the day if you don't like how you're acting and thinking and aren't able to change it on your own getting professional help is the best next step. Looking for people that feel like you and building up a peer support network is great. Unless you have PTSD, this forum will be of...
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    I am in hate with myself

    Quick note, this is a forum for people with PTSD and their supporters. You didn't exactly mention PTSD having an impact on your mindset. Not once did I say to not care, I thought I was clear that I believe you need help. One doesn't quit in the act of getting help, no matter what I say you'll...
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    I am in hate with myself

    Happy to help :)
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    I am in hate with myself

    It seems like your trying to send a message, hell if I can figure out what it is. You mention that your safe and seem to think that the reader will care about your wellbeing, I personally don't. Honestly, I get the impression that this intended to get a rise out of people. There are a lot of...
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    PTSD, or normal emotional reaction?

    It reminds me of the cup. If your cup is almost full already the reactions are likely to feel worse than they "should". The less my cup is filled with PTSD junk the easier it is for me to sort it out, but most of the time I'm being irrational because somehow inside of my mind, things like...
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    Getting it out I guess.

    Quite possibly the only good thing about covid is the amount of professionals with online appointments. If you aren't confident you'll be able to go out to go to an appointment consistently, looking for online options may be beneficial. Depending on where you are, you may find local therapists...
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    Getting it out I guess.

    Hey @Coldplain, welcome to the forum. It sounds to me like you've been doing your best to stuff everything down and have run out of strength. You've seen some of the worst this world has to offer and have done everything you can to battle against it. As you judge your past actions be very...
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    What Are You Grateful For Today?

    The ability to make choices
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    Brainstorm a sensory deprivation room with me?

    I'm not too sure on design, but make sure you consider the oxygen inside of whatever you build. If you're going to be shutting out the light you could be shutting out the air flow, a meter may be beneficial to moniter, but that doesn't really assist with the sensory deprivation part. I don’t...
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    Just Joking

    "Tell me more, can you back up your car?"
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    Relationship Sufferer broke up with me, but leaves door open?

    The what to do, is make a decision. If I had to put it out into a process I think I'd do it this way. To be done while all parties are in a "normal" state (not isolating, etc.). When all hell has broken loose it often becomes clear to at least one party that something needs to be done. Put it...
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    Shame really sucks right now

    Hey @MaplePancake never forget you are the only one with your experiences. The way you interpreted each situation, every event leading up to the situation, and the people involved, etc make up an experience. Quick sidebar: PTSD cycles by nature, it is possible for a person to do very well for...
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    just need a friend

    Hey Larry, how are you doing?
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    To Feel Safe Again - Discovered (former) church friend has a history of sex crimes & kidnapping

    Hey @thornylennert welcome to the site. You seem really focused on this thread, there are plenty more to be found. Not sure why you're here, but I sincerely hope you're able to find what you're looking for. I noticed you said You start with not wanting to speak ill then went on to speak ill...
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    cPTSD cured after 54 years of searching. I finally did it.

    Can you help me better understand what you mean by saying you're cured? I may just not understand the point you're trying to get across and that could be the reason I'm struggling with taking this seriously. Are you saying you no longer have flashbacks/other symptoms or are you saying you're no...
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    I think I'm leaing for now but need external opinions

    Hey Givrali, I've struggled with hanging around this site. May I suggest the idea that you're not using the site in the best way for you. Some people find great benefit in the diaries, others don't. If you look at my diary you'll see almost all of the posts are in 2016 around the time I first...
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    How do you deal with hurt?

    It's not easy dealing with insults, especially during times I hate myself. I have a few different tools I'll share. I'm far from perfect and don't use them as often as I should, but when I do I find it helpful (most of the time) Up first, the questions for myself. 1. Is it true? If its not...
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    Two truths and a lie

    (😍) I've been in the newspaper (🤣) I've been close to the Gateway Arch twice but have never seen it. (😲) I've been in the back of a cop car
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    “It’s Just Stress”

    Used to bother me was about a month ago for me. I can hear myself saying everything the OP said. As I read, I could feel the passion building in me. For myself, I decided the things I want people to understand is -How people get PTSD -What can be done to prevent the preventable causes The...
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    Photography Club

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    Photography Club

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    What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

    Nothing too fancy, but one of my favorites lately.
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    Also Just For Fun- What are Your Comfort Foods/ Items?

    I basically always have a stone of some sort on me. This is the current. I find it beneficial to focus on the different textures and angles when grounding. Eventually I'll lose it and get another one I like.
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    Just Joking

    A weasel walks into a bar. The bartender looks at the weasel in shock "What can I get you?" "Pop" goes the weasel