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    Physical Pain From PTSD

    I have had a nasty headache for two days, my muscles have knots in, and i feel tired, just some of a number of things that can happen when i get stressed above my 'normal' stress levels.
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    What Bad Shit Have You Done - Daily, As it Comes To You, Your Past, Lets Be Honest

    Bad stuff today, facing that stony wall in me that doesnt allow me to say things and talk because im a guy and your not supposed to talk about things,have feelings and all the rest of that junk, and the fact that i hate that thing society stuck in me, thats a bad one for a start,but more...
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    Still Around

    Things are going ok, had a bit of an odd time for a while but I'm moving forward as always and facing challenges, I'm studying Historical Archaeology, as the old joke goes- my career lays in ruins.
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    Still Around

    Been away for a while, had some things in life which threw me for a while and sent me off in an unexpected series of things which brought up alot of things, anyways im alive reasonably well and still avoiding doing any work by being a student yet again, waiting for them to get tired of me...
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    Can Adults Have Night Terrors Too?

    yes was what i thought when i read the title, had them for many years, not so much lately,
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    How Do You Get Others to Understand You?

    bit of a long one this, but you wanted an answer to seeing and understanding, when i see people i know and care about and they have major things going on in life, sometimes they get a glimpse at how i see the world, and that makes me sad, because for a while they see some of what i see most...
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    Socialising Inhibition

    i have friends who long ago got used to me being a bit odd and they dont really notice anything other than jon when im about, i have been thinking a lot on ways to be more sociable, or at least not get snappy when i hear silly and ignorant things said, i figure its a matter of being able to...
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    Does It Matter What Degree A Therapist Has?

    i find qualifications arent always relevant, the person is relevant more than the degree, i met a psychiatrist with lots of senior qualifications and membership of professional institutes etc, he thought the tv was talking to me because i mentioned an episode of the simpsons and he hadnt seen...
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    Socialising Inhibition

    met an interesting chap in the bar last night, second time in the past 6 months ive gone down to the bar here, im off home tomorrow so thought i would go and socialise for once, anyways, met an interesting chap there and we got talking, hes got some stuff going on from his childhood and life in...
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    False Memory or False Recall

    i had an interesting thing going with this in the past year or so, being stuck on a couple of committees, ive seen the notes taken down and read them at the meeting and known they are accurate but a week later i look at them and im going did i say that? am i supposed to be doing that i dont...
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    My Neighbor is Shooting at My House

    calling the cops is a good idea, what they are upto is not only dangerous but also in most places against the law, firing guns in a built up area is illegal in most places, damage to property is the least of the considerations though, what goes up comes down and the average assault rifle will...
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    Studying with PTSD - Has Anyone Been Successful?

    it can be done, just finished a degree in archaeology, useful things to consider, accomadation, being in student digs or in a house with students sounds like fun but the constant noise can drive you barmy after a while, avoid too much socialising, it can seriously wear you down, routines are...
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    I Did It - Now Professional Archaeologist

    hard to do at times but it was worth it,:smile: so set a goal and take your time and you will get there in the end.
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    I Did It - Now Professional Archaeologist

    have been busy finishing off a load of serious report writing these past few months, so have been overstressed and busy, but im happy to say, one seriously screwy once drank too much living in a world of pain chap, has pulled himself up, got cleaned up and is now a proffessional...
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    Country I Should Move To

    :wink: youll learn English in no time at all,
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    Country I Should Move To

    well depends on where you want to go, despite the aforementioned opinion that we are all mad and blowing each other up and stuff:wink: most of europes easy to get around and you can get by with american english as long as you remember pants means underwear to the rest of the world, one thing to...
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    What Music / Song Do You Listen To When PTSD Is In Full Effect?

    currently listening to captain lockeed and the star fighter, a bit of a hawkwind offshoot, a song about punching out when you hit the point of no return of a terminal decline towards the ground. theres only one course of action left for me to take, i tried the switch selection, but my control...
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    The War on Snow

    a few thermacite blocks should do the job, youll soon get rid of the snow and the concrete and... but language is dangerous stuff, there seem to be crusades wars and fights against and such like in a lot of news stories, i think that the sensationalism of the press has got used to using these...
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    Can Flashbacks Be False And/Or Related To Another Mental Illness?

    good question, i had a strange one once, i was in an office and got a whiff of a smell of a library i used to visit in another country years ago, one moment i was in office next i was looking at a dean fosster book on a shelf a couple of thousand miles away, it wasnt a scary book and i wouldnt...
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    Loving Sex And Flashbacks / Intrusive Thoughts

    well it was worth mentioning, hope things go well with you, and he comes round at some point, some people try to hold on to things which arent there such as a belief things go away if you dont acknowledge them, anyways i hope things go well with you and you can both move on from this point of...
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    Loving Sex And Flashbacks / Intrusive Thoughts

    if he doesnt understand maybe he should talk to those who do, point him towards the partners forum section on it may give him something to think about and people to talk to if hes open enough to talk, doesnt mean you dont have to talk, just may be he will understand more if he talks...
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    Loving Sex And Flashbacks / Intrusive Thoughts

    heres some thoughts, not communicating leads to unknown things which in turn leads to doubts and fears, you need communication, feeling rejected unwanted or feeling like being attracted to your partner is somehow a problem can all be feelings that come up when your partners are working through...
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    Stood Up To a Bully

    keep at it, someday you wont take bullys being bullys, jon
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    Loving Sex And Flashbacks / Intrusive Thoughts

    best advice i can give on that one is talk be honest and there may be some hurt feelings and you both may find it difficult to do, but talking and honesty are the best way forward, hiding things and not communicating means neither of you know whats up and you have a lot more confusion and stuff...
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    Not So Funny Things We Do After Proper Sleep

    after proper sleep i wonder what happened to saturday, fell asleep on friday and now its sunday morning, slept for 3 days straight once, was annoyed as i had five days off work and i had lost 3.