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    Avoidant or just not compatible

    What's avoidance and what's just not wanting to be with someone. Hello 👋 I am having difficulty in a relationship where I recognise some avoidant traits (I am) but also I often rationalise them with being incompatible and it's hard to know whether I am avoiding intimacy or I am just not in to...
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    What are your hopes and dreams for future? It feels like my PTSD stopped me from having them

    I think I spent so much of my time dreaming of the future as a means of escape I almost feel betrayed for it not looking like or feeling like what I wanted. and find it hard to now think of a future because I am meant to be living in it. Now thinking of the future just feels full of anxiety or...
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    Unfulfilled And Underachiever - Have Low Self Confidence & Strong Core Beliefs Limited You?

    Underachiever and unfulfilled I just wondered if people with low confidence and pretty strong core beliefs around not being good enough have hindered your ability to realise your potential. I have been working on myself for over 10 years now (I am 33) but I seem to be shuffling forward and I...
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    Attachment in therapy

    I think I already know the answer to this but it's occupying my mind a great deal and there isn't enough content for me to absorb to counter it (classic intellectualizing the problem to avoid emotionally engaging). So I have been doing some really solid work with my therapist and I've started...