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  1. Geopolis

    VR for treatment?

    My wife's birthday is next week and she really wants a vr headset. I am more than happy to oblige 🤣. After browsing through some game choices I realized this may be an opportunity for some supplemental treatment options. There are many apps/videos for her anxiety exposure and I'm wondering what...
  2. Geopolis

    Quote Of The Day

    "We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are." -Anias Nin
  3. Geopolis

    Cheerful SI?!

    This is one of those observations that I always thought was normal and never would have questioned on my own. SI for me come in so many flavors depending on my surroundings. I just assumed that the tone was an echo of past situations. Notably there were times when the intrusive thoughts were...
  4. Geopolis

    Sufferer Hi, I need help

    Welcome @Bartleby08 reaching out here is a great first step! There is much support to be had on this forum. I find that it is essential for me to work with a professional in conjunction with utilizing this amazing communities support. Take your time and look around! The more you share the more...
  5. Geopolis

    “I’m a predator.”

    I can relate to this so much! My sexual cross section is with voyeurism. Its a behavior I developed as a child to dissociate from my abuse. Today its inextricably tied to my desires. When I met my wife I was filling her in on my "kink" as I called it and I heard crazy chatter in my thoughts...
  6. Geopolis

    Intimacy and building it back....

    @BlueWillow the most knowledgeable person I've found on the topic of maintaining intimacy is Esther Perel. Heres an into to her 👍
  7. Geopolis

    Frustration and anger toward parts work

    @12birds my parts work started when my T suggested we do a meditation and meet a younger version of myself. I totally get the skepticism side of this work. Had he asked me any other day I would have been distant but I was desperate and completely open to it. My diary starts at this point and...
  8. Geopolis

    Photography Club

    View from the graveyard and the bell tower
  9. Geopolis

    Frustration and anger toward parts work

    I'm currently experiencing some frustration with it as well. Just talked to T about it yesterday. Heres whats happening for me. Anger- swells of anger out of nowhere which makes me incredibly uncomfortable because anger was discouraged as a child and I have no idea how to handle it. T says it...
  10. Geopolis

    Addressing shame

    Thought I would throw in some helpful info that I've found so far. They all feel true to my situation. - Toxic shame began to develop when i first identified with my abusers view. Ex. I didn't agree with my stepfather that I was ugly, his comments would anger me... until one day I could see...
  11. Geopolis

    Reasons to live / things you want to do

    I want to experience joy with my children on Christmas morning... just pure childlike joy... as many times as possible 🎄🎁
  12. Geopolis

    Photography Club

    Glass raindrop installation
  13. Geopolis

    Chat, check-in, and hang out

    @Lionheart I'm so sorry you're going through this. I was your daughter 10 years ago and I wasn't able to understood what my actions were doing to those who loved me. Sending all my loving thoughts to you both. Every day is a chance for her moment of clarity to happen 🤗
  14. Geopolis

    Photography Club

    Found driftwood and shipwreck
  15. Geopolis

    Art therapy - share your work here

    Tried to let my inner 10 year old paint for me
  16. Geopolis

    Ending therapy – and how to do it in the least painful way possible!

    The first time I saw him my network was N/A since my struggle was with addiction then. Just being able to relate to them and hear their experience was crucial for me. The second time was for deeper issues so I latched onto a network in ACOA (adult children of alcoholics), again they were there...
  17. Geopolis

    Ending therapy – and how to do it in the least painful way possible!

    @barefoot thank you for sharing your current thoughts on this! While I've had many "professional" therapists I've also been lucky enough to connect intimately with the one I have now. This is my second time returning to him. The first time we parted I had found a community of like minded people...
  18. Geopolis

    Photography Club

    Zoo Pics
  19. Geopolis

    Inner child/parts work evolution

    Has your inner child/parts work evolved over time? I am curious because the inner children I've identified so far are starting to shift in what they represent. At first they were individuals, now they feel like encompass full areas of trauma. For example; My 3 year old was just that, a 3 year...
  20. Geopolis

    Addressing shame

    Simple answer? I don't know 😕 I think the more likely of the two is the first. What I feel most is overwhelming shame around my entire childhood and I instinctively search for a singular "why". Starting to realize how unreliable my memory is when searching for the sources. This just hit me...
  21. Geopolis

    Photography Club

    Longwood Gardens
  22. Geopolis

    Childhood Signs of early sexual abuse

    First I want to thank you both for taking the time to share your opinions and experiences. I'm pretty sure you know how amazing it feels just to have someone listen after years of searching. 🤗 I mustered up all the courage i had just to post the question. I'm straddling these two...
  23. Geopolis

    Childhood Signs of early sexual abuse

    Thank you @Sideways for that really thorough response. With all the new work I'm doing comes a steady supply of new memories and realizations that can scare the hell out of me. There's no doubt that my mom has had an inappropriate relationship with me in some way dealing with sex. She's shared...
  24. Geopolis

    Childhood Signs of early sexual abuse

    What are the signs of early sexual abuse? How do they show up and at what ages? What is the appropriate age for sexual curiosities? I think I may have made a devastating connection in my past and I'm attempting to be as careful as possible right now not to tear myself apart. 1. At approx 6-7...