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    Waking up each morning with stress cup overflowing vastly and disoriented

    I relate too. I asked my trauma therapist about it, and she said it was probably my brain processing while I was sleeping then not fully getting it done before I woke up. I've been off and on Prozac for years but have stayed off it for over a year now hoping to use other therapies to manage...
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    Sufferer New here; PTSD from military; starting therapy

    Hi and welcome. I'm about 7 sessions in with EMDR . Unfortunately having to pay privately as a year in ,I'm still on the NHS waiting list. There's lots if support here and I've found it invaluable. I wish you well on your healing journey
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    EMDR side effects?

    Are you saying your a victim of 'gang stalking'?. Im confused
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    anxious attachment w an avoidant attachment partner

    OK, so my issues are abit similar . I have CPTSD and anxious attachment. I need to know I'm loved and valued and safe emotionally in my relationships. My bf is an avoidance attachment person. This triggers me enormously. I have to second guess how he feels about me / things. I can ask at a...
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    Emotional dysregulation more easily triggered , 9 months of EMDR in

    Things that before EMDR therapy I would have coped with I can't seem to now. Yesterday my teen rushed ahead and had a shower despite me saying 'I'm going for one right now, knowing full well. I lost the plot, I was shaking crying and hyperventilating. WTH is wrong with me?. I wake up in the...
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    Will anti depressants interfere or aid recovery from CPTSD?

    I have this same quandary. There are days I feel so low and anxious that I want to go back on a low dose of Fluroxetine which I know helps stabilise me but then as was mentioned, it'll be like doing the work twice. First the EMDR for CPTSD then getting off the Fluroxetine and still coping. I...
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    EMDR side effects?

    I will have to talk to my t about knowing when the reprocessing is done and how to manage it more effectively. I've 2 children on the Autistic Spectrum so as you can imagine life is full on 24/7.
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    EMDR side effects?

    I'm on my 6th session of EMDR for CPTSD. I wish I'd never started tbh. I feel so much worse. I couldn't find anything much on Google about side effects so I thought I'd be ok. I have become so much more emotionally disregulated, I feel physically cold and very sleepy during and after a session...