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    Difficulty with returning to workforce, please help

    I just wanted to chime in that even if your mom says you're not ready, she doesn't get to decide. You know yourself best! You can decide. If you are partially dependent on her financially and she's not treating you like an adult, that's a difficult problem.
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    Feeling super disconnected and isolated - Feeling a lack of support academically

    Unfortunately, I think this happens a lot at universities. It's possible that the professor does care, as Movingforward said, and it's true that email is very tough for communication. It's also possible the professor does not believe in giving accommodations. Talking would help unearth this. I...
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    EVERY idea possible for side income on computer?

    Can you tutor? I teach a lot of people how to use excel, for example. You could teach that, art, organization skills? Also writing/copyediting? It's always hard to get clients at first so I'm not sure if any computer gigs are really that good for cash NOW. Have you tried/been able to access any...
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    PTSD from work - Looking for support (and a pep talk) and self help resources whilst interviewing

    Thank you for your answer. I'm sorry you had to go through it -- it's awful, isn't it?! I am finding it frustrating to have gone through it, mostly recovered, and now finding an open wound again years later. I'm thinking it is being triggered by the uncertainty (what if it happened in the new...