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    Started EMDR therapy but haven't done EMDR yet

    K, EMDR saved my life. It is not easy. I was more triggered in the beginning. Anxiety was worse. I have C-PTSD as well along with dissociative symptoms and stress/trauma induced restrictive eating habits. The symptoms are a direct result of stress and trauma. After completing several months of...
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    Anyone have any luck with these symptoms and any meds? I cannot find any meds that work!

    I've tried so many medications for PTSD. I haven't taken many since 2019 because nothing works. Hydroxyzine has been my only crutch, besides nicotine, caffeine and cannabis. I stopped the anti-histamine because it stopped working. I had my genetics analyzed recently and saw a clinical pharmacist...
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    How Did You Sleep Last Night?

    I am so glad to hear that you slept well. Positive stories give me hope!! I wish I could say the same. I have not slept well for many nights. I'm not currently taking medication because of my genetics. Apparently, I'm a high metabolizer which renders most ineffective or causes severe and rare...
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    If PTSD is elevated, do you eat way less?

    I was told the same. It's a symptom of trauma this "disordered eating" and not an actual eating disorder. I actually just learned this recently. All these years I thought I had an eating disorder and it was just a reaction to trauma and stress. Knowledge is power!!
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    If PTSD is elevated, do you eat way less?

    Yes, my appetite is greatly affected when I am retraumatized or stressed out. I would go days without eating solid food. Since Covid hit, I've lost 45lbs. Fifteen of those lbs since I was raped again in March 2022. I now know to drink protein shakes and smoothies when I'm in a trauma reaction or...
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    Having a difficult time trusting anyone right now

    Thank you for your reply. I just restarted EMDR in July. I had taken a break for several months. I've had the therapy every Tuesday, except today. My therapist is on vacation this week. However, I met with a diagnostic clinical psychologist for testing intake. I was referred by my doctor so that...
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    Having a difficult time trusting anyone right now

    I have recently blocked or unfriended several people in my current city. Most of my friends live in another state which makes friendship very difficult. I moved back to my home state after almost 20 years. There was a reason I moved away and never wanted to return. I've been undergoing intensive...
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    Sufferer There is hope - Diagnosed CPTSD in 2016 - I am here to learn and grow and help others

    I just recently found this forum after my psychologist suggested another website that did not resonate with me. My doctor has referred me to numerous psychiatrists and no one will take my case, my care is out of their scope of practice. I have been on the road to recovery for over a decade now...