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    Would Riding Rollercoasters Help? Need Sleep

    For me, it feels like my stress level is stuck on high for no reason causing the stress response (fear, adrenaline, heart racing) all the time, even while I sleep. So, I thought about this: For normal, well people (like I used to be), their stress level lies low most of the time. When...
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    Trapped Emotions? A Monster In My Head

    I feel like I have a little monster inside my head that keeps me stressed, causes panic in the day and wakes me in distress at night. It started about a year and a half ago when stress built up to the point of a nervous breakdown. Since then, nights are the worse than days because I can't...
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    PTSD From Financial Loss

    Update on symptoms About a month ago, I started being able to sleep through the night and actually get about 7-8 hours of sleep. But after just watching the stock market and thinking about making a more long term investment with a little money I have left, it felt like my blood started to...
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    PTSD From Financial Loss

    diagnosis I started with panic attacks a year and a half ago. For the most part, I slept fine until the day I got stressed out moreso than any other day. I have not been officially diagnosed by a doctor. I had a counselor say that I have generalized panic disorder and that's what won't let...
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    PTSD From Financial Loss

    I don't want to belittle anyone's cause of their PTSD. From war combat to physical abuse, the source of PTSD can vary. I had stress when building a house, and tried to build up some of the money I had by trading stocks. I made some at first, then lost most of it in the end. I thought my...