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    "Loose" EMDR

    I've been working with a likable, empathetic therapist for over a year now. I like them very much. I began seeing them because they were trained in EMDR and also accepted my insurance. They practice 'Attachment-Focused EMDR', a variation that spends a lot of time on early life trauma and...
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    Back to EMDR after a pause

    Hanging on inbetween train cars! Good luck to you 🍀
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    EMDR 2.0

    How did the following days of post-session processing go for you?
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    Post-EMDR Processing

    Thank you, Wendell. The window of tolerance is something I wasn't familiar with, and learning about the concept is helpful.
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    Post-EMDR Processing

    I can understand how that could happen, and I am sorry that the overwhelm got to that point for you. I hope you've found another therapy that has been more helpful. Had you done any therapies like CBT, DBT or ACT before undergoing the EMDR? (I think I have been through every acronym in the book...
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    Post-EMDR Processing

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my original post. When I initially wrote, T and I had just begun 80min sessions of BLS focusing on triggers. My latent concern at that time was that I'd been insufficiently resourced, and that consequently during the post-processing (which lasted most of each...
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    Post-EMDR Processing

    I think this is what I was most curious about from other folks who've undergone EMDR-- what the post-processing actually consisted of for you. The quality (or substance) of the content, and how it literally manifested for you during post-processing. What you've gone through is pretty similar to...
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    Post-EMDR Processing

    Hello Folks, Something I've read/heard a lot when people talk about EMDR is that "It can wipe you out for a couple of days, sometimes a week," and that "It brings up old stuff which can be painful and unpleasant." EMDR is difficult, seems to be the basic message. And: "It's different for...