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    Sexual Assault Doubting of my own side of the story

    Hello, PTSD forum! I hope whoever is reading this is having a lovely day/morning/night <3 First of all, thank you so much for taking a little bit of your time to read and interact with my post, I've felt overwhelmingly supported since I joined this place, despite my few posts it has really...
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    i tried to talk with her. again. im so f-ing stupid.

    so, yea. for anyone who has seen or remembers my last posts, i made an Instagram and tried to talk with my ex. im a f*cking dumbass. i still think we can solve things, like f*cking sexually assaulting me it's just "a talk" we need to have to make all this pain go away. i genuinely have the best...
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    I broke down over the weekend

    First of all, don't apologize for letting out your feelings. You have every right to go on about the things that affect you or that are important to you and that's 100% valid! This should be a safe space for survivor's expression. It's not your fault if a therapist working with you feels...
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    Does it ever gets better?

    I'm so glad it has gotten better for you throughout the time ^^ I think she just didn't know how to help or was trained to do so, I believe she had the best intentions with me but she wasn't able to help me and often said very out of touch things. I hope I can find someone who accommodates me...
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    re-contacting my abuser

    You're right! i have to stay strong about how I lived things. I know the truth. I know what she did, she cannot take away that from me. I'll try to keep it in mind, thanks for your reply ^_^ Thank you for your support and reminder. It's nice to know I have a whole community of people that I can...
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    re-contacting my abuser

    Thank you so much for your words, you have no idea how much support I needed at the time and just reading that someone cared enough to reply and believe made me feel a thousand ways better. I feel better than the immediate after the incident, but I'm still struggling. I'm trying to practice my...
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    Does it ever gets better?

    i don't know how should i feel. c-pstd has been around the corner my whole life and im just tired. but the most recent abuser on my life has been the one who has taken more time on my head than the rest of them all. not because she did the worst things, but because how much i loved her and cared...
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    re-contacting my abuser

    so, i had the impulse to talk with her a couple of weeks ago, and eventually i asked for help to a friend so we could contact us (since i don't have social media and i made this account for the pure sake of talking with her). and we had kind of an argument as we always do and i ended up...