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    Suicidal Family Member

    She's 60, no good friends to talk to or family members she's close to. She tried therapy once and had a bad experience so she doesn't want to try that again, but I keep gently nudging her towards therapy anyways. She doesn't have a good doctor either, that's why her chronic pain isn't getting...
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    Suicidal Family Member

    I have a family member who has had a really rough life, and now they're getting older and a bunch of chronic pain is setting in, in addition to the rough times theyve had. Lately they've been saying some really alarming things like "Im done with this world" and "Im ready for this life to be...
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    Don't want to live don't want to die

    Im sorry you are feeling this way. It sounds like your brain is doing its best to heal--age regression and denial are both ways the brain deals with trauma. Age regression can be very scary too. I cope with age regression by setting aside some 'child' things like toys and books and a snack, so...
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    Drinking liquid is triggering - what do i drink??

    Just in case anyone comes across this and wants to know some other things that helped, I've found a few! -A fun drinking mug has helped -Corn is pretty juicy, especially eaten in a bowl with some water added -Adding lemonade powder makes water taste good enough to power through, even if all...
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    Drinking liquid is triggering - what do i drink??

    Thanks for all the replies! To answer some questions: Yes I'm horribly allergic to melons, I can eat them without dying but it feels like eating fire ants. Apples do this, bananas, pears, and some non-fruit things like juicy carrots. I've talked to my T and she has no good advice beyond "just...
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    Nightmare about abuse

    Sometimes nightmares are just our brain's way of processing trauma, and they don't mean anything other than you are healing. My therapist is fond of saying that nightmares are a sign that you need to process trauma while awake. Sorry you had such an awful sounding dream! Wishing you a good...
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    Drinking liquid is triggering - what do i drink??

    I'm living off of the few things that taste good enough that I can drink them without getting too triggered: coffee and chocolate milk! Im always parched but I can't find anything else that doesn't give me flashbacks. Any suggestions?? How do I avoid dehydration?? Sometimes I wish I could go...
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    I keep dreaming about my abuser... is this normal?

    It's certainly a normal experience, and a sign that your brain is healing from the trauma. My T recommends setting aside a small chunk of the day (half an hour, ten minutes, an hour--whatever you're ready for) to process the trauma. Then when you go to bed, do something really soothing, to tell...
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    Worse ptsd because trans bf is transitioning

    I do try self-talk, but it usually doesn't help. I've also got a therapist back home that I'll work through this. Unfortunately I'm away from her for a while.
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    Worse ptsd because trans bf is transitioning

    My bf (a trans man) and I have been together over 2 years. I always knew about and supported his decision to transition one day. Well, that day is here! Technically, that day was here three months ago when he got his first testosterone injection. The problem is I was, hhh, *hurt* by a guy, when...
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    How important is it to take meds at same time ever day? (citalopram)

    I take citalopram, usually right before bed. I was taking it between 12:30am and 1:00am usually, but now I take it anywhere between 12:00am to 4:00am (I've been catching up on lost sleep now that college finals are over and it's thrown off my sleep schedule a bit). Citalopram should be taken...
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    Ssri - makes me really sensitive, and also bad socially?? advice welcome

    Do you know how much he lowered his dose?
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    Childhood Was it abuse or just bad parenting?

    Thanks for replies. I was also pretty sure it was awkward but not abusive, but I wanted some outside opinions to be sure.
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    Does this sound like derealization?

    It feels very much like that! Problems pale in comparison to the universe, everything makes sense, all that stuff. But I do check on my 'hypomania'-y theories when I've, eh, "calmed down?" They're actually correct. I remember reading about RNA and DNA and wondering which came first, and...
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    Does this sound like derealization?

    I experience the world in 3 ways. World 1: I experience this maybe 20% to 30% of the time. It's an unreal world. Everything feels like a dream. Nothing seems to have consequence, and time is a tangled web of seemingly unrelated events. World 2: I experience this most of the time. things feel...
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    Childhood Was it abuse or just bad parenting?

    Sssssooooooo this is kinda an awkward thing! When I was middle school age (less than 12 for sure, but probably older than 9) I slept in my own bed, but in my moms room. That's not the awkward part. My parents were divorced but trying to get back together at the time. Cue awkward part! I am...
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    Crying causing severe/debilitating headaches

    Crying gives me migranes. I take Exedrine migrane stuff for mine (the dose is two pills but I take 3 if it's bad). It's pretty helpful for me. Best of luck finding a solution
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    Childhood Triggered by dr phil

    I've been seeing my therapist for 10 months or so and I still haven't told her, but therapy has helped a lot! I told her that I had "childhood trauma" and she guided me to some worksheets and to some other resources, and she offers advice for various triggers and help for nightmares and all that...
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    Ssri - makes me really sensitive, and also bad socially?? advice welcome

    I got on citalopram, an SSRI, about a month ago. Since then I've noticed some good results pretty soon--less anxiety, less hopelessness, no more feeling suicidal and a lot less agoraphobic. But the bad things: I feel very sensitive! Emotionally, tiny things can make me very upset, small things...
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    General Is my partner abusive?am i crazy am i selfish?

    He is not worth it. He reminds me so much of my father growing up. My mom stayed married to him for 30 years though. She went through so much and was so hurt by the abuse. You don't deserve what he's doing to you, and your kids deserve a father who's around and is kind and sweet. I was so much...
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    Sexual orientation and traumas -- a place to share your struggle with sexuality

    What a cool thread! Thanks for making it -- it was interesting to read your story and see some similarities to mine. I started to realize I might be bisexual in the 8th grade, and I immediately assumed my csa has been the cause of it. So I figured, if I could heal from the sexual abuse, I could...
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    When disassociation goes weird.

    Yep, that is currently happening to me! I used to feel like I had three parts, but now it's down to two: current me, and little kid me. I also find myself taking care of her, watching movies she likes, letting her color, letting her be the kid that I wasn't allowed to be. For me it's sorta...
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    Sexual Assault Missing my abuser?

    I felt this way about my abuser for a long time. Even after I realized what he did was abuse. There had been so many times when he was nice, or when he was thoughtful, or when he was my only friend, and I'd want those good days back. And that's okay. It's okay to feel anything. But that doesn't...
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    Sufferer Hello, all. csa survivor among other things

    Hi. I'm here looking for more people who I can relate with. Mostly my PTSD stems from going through cocsa when I was young, but also from having a horrible father who hurt my mother so badly that she couldn't be a very motherly person. I have a lot of anxiety (especially when talking to others...