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    General Thank god i walked in

    I want you to know that I admire you for taking care of your husband and trying to understand his issues. You are doing all of the right things. You, the kids and dad will be in my prayers. Keep working on the problems and keeping dad safe. It will improve just take one day at a time and look...
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    Ptsd and college

    Are you going to have to take the class again? I don't do well in classes where the professor isn't clear on what work we are suppose to do and how it is all organized. I am glad your other classes are going well. So what is your major? I am currently going to school too to get a Masters degree...
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    Stressed tonight

    Hi Rain, I am good now. I got a new job that seems like it will be really good. Thanks for responding to me! Mindy
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    Medical Anaesthesia awareness

    I can't imagine being awake. I don't even know how what to say to your experience. I can't imagine. You are strong for having survived.
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    Medical Could i have ptsd. please help!

    I agree that it is probably the stress. I also agree that stress can cause almost any and all illnesses. I would try getting treatment for the stress while you might continue seeking treatment for the fatigue. Less stress can only help.
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    Childhood How do i let myself remember?

    I have lots of body memories but no picture memories. My therapist would tell me that if I was emotionally able to remember then I would but it never happened. That either means I am not ready to remember or that I was so little that the feelings exist more than picture memories. I finally...
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    Too dissociated for hypervigilance?

    I was like that. Too numb to get scared most of the time. I wasn't even aware of what scared me.
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    Dissociation since childhood and life of severe social/emotional isolation. is there hope?

    Hi, You have a tremendous amount of courage. It takes courage to post here and ask questions. There is definitely hope. It might take a lot of hard work to face the past and find yourself on solid ground again. I did after 40-50 years. I don't think it really matters if it is dissociation...
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    Fighting back- i won't be abused anymore

    Ok, so I am a teacher. I have been on disability almost all of my life because of abuse. First it was my mom then my ex husband. I have spent years in therapy to get to the point where I am not only functional, I am very capable person who should be free and enjoying life. My principal suddenly...
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    I think the number thing is kind of interesting. I did it for distraction. I loved math so I would play with numbers. I would find out what number each letter stood for in a word. For example, m would be 13 and a would be 1 and t would 20 and h is 8. I would double numbers like 2+2 is 4 and 4+4...
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    Stressed tonight

    Stressed. Hubby had to work tonight and I hate being home alone. Plus my job mess. Can't stop thinking about it. Have no idea why my boss started picking on me. Losing my job and I didn't do anything wrong. Wish the stress would go away.
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    Hi You have to stay away. I understand why you are worried about the dog but you have to take care of yourself first. If doing the numbers helps your stress then use that as a tool. Do anything healthy that makes you feel better. I obsessively play games online because it easies my stress but...
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    Does the ptsd ever go away?

    I am so sorry. My situation was never that horrible. I can't imagine how scared you must be all of the time. I know how I get when the triggers hit and it is horrible. Like now, I am afraid to go out without my husband. I am getting the body aches and pains too. But, your situation would be...
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    Does the ptsd ever go away?

    I was abused all my life until I left everyone and everything behind when I was about 40 years old. My mom was a huge problem for me and it was actually a relief when she died. My life is a thousand fold better and I am married to a wonderful man now. I had a wonderful therapist that helped me...
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    Does the ptsd ever go away?

    Mine only kicks in when I feel threatened. My boss picking on me definitely makes me feel threatened. Too many years of abuse and it is lots better but some parts of things I can't seem to control. What about you recovering?
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    Does the ptsd ever go away?

    I am doing so much better. I am finally a functioning human being and I am able to be present in the moment. I thought that life was finally going to be good. I am a teacher and I was loving my job teaching preschool autistic students. Then BAM! Just like that it was all over and I am trying to...
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    Ptsd and college

    Any luck getting anything changed? I hope your hanging in there. Mindy
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    I don't think i can do this

    Ouch. I hear you and it all sucks. I don't understand why there has to be so many idiots around that just like to make new workers feel like crap for trying to do their jobs. Try to hang in and not let his arrogant ways get to you. I wouldn't hold up as well as you are so pat yoursewalf on the...
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    Medical My adult son has cancer

    Prayers for Chris and your family. Keep yourself safe. Cutting won't change things though I understand the urge. I wish that I could somehow help so I will say more prayers.
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    Medical Pregnancy anxiety and panic

    I glad to see you are getting support on here. Being pregnant is hard and there is always so much uncertainty around everything. 24 weeks is very good though. I would start counting backwards because it won't be long before that baby is here. Hang in there and take good care of yourself. Hugs
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    Ptsd needing job accommodations any suggestions?

    Its probably too late to get the accommodations. He had me into his office to write me up twice in a week. I am a teacher and the union rep is worthless. The principal makes up lies and adds bits of truth to it. I am going to try and go out of work on FLMA and find a job then quit. Cross your...
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    Dissociating or hallucinating? im getting really anxious

    Hoping that you are feeling better and some of your stress is lowering. I haven't really hallucinated that precisely before but I have had minor hallucinations. Plus, you might want to be careful if you are taking any medications because they can cause hallucinations. If they continue, I would...
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    Ptsd and college

    Wow, you have some crappy classes and teachers. I do whatever I can to stay awake in class which isn't always easy. I eat - munching on low calorie carrots helps, drink lots and then have an excuse to need bathroom. Pretend to write notes that I am never going to read (I never take notes in...