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    How should I be trying to get better? Still overstimulated & hypervigilant a year later.

    Also progress can be pretty individual. For some of us it's crying more for a time, or yelling. For me it's been huge to stop a decades pattern of proving I'm coping through work. I'm not great- but I am off work honoring that big stuff is happening in my body and mind and caring for it best I...
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    Integrative Psychotherapy

    Integrative psychotherapy normally means drawing from a number of different methods. I would be more interested in whether the therapist has worked much with trauma like yours, had trauma training, and whether you felt like you could trust them.
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    BPD Living with BPD

    You can recover from a BPD diagnosis. It takes work- more than anything it takes fearless self compassion. It's not your fault u learnt to experience yourself and the world this way- its really really painful and it can get better. Anyone who thinks Bpd is a life diagnosis needs to read up on...
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    General My little sister was raped last week by my best friend.

    Call a family violence or women's line if police is too scary. Just be the lion sister and get you two away. The rest will follow and there are people who can help
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    Dealing With Memory Loss

    If ur mind could hide abuse, it can hide another knowledge. I bet that what you have now is just a disorganized filing system from these old files coming up. Be very kind to yourself- things will come back to a new order, I betcha. Just stress won't speed this process up xxx