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    Sufferer Finding connection while living with CPTSD

    Welcome. I'm sorry for your situation. Your partner needs therapy, he can't just decide he's no longer an abuser, so unless he does the work he won't change. I hope you can get somewhere safe and tranquil cause you deserve it. It amazes me how people suffering from mental illness, disability or...
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    Sufferer Trying to get better - Would love to connect to anyone with experience with cults

    You may want to look into Recovering From Religion. You can call a counselor knowledgeable about various religious traumas. In addition they have Zoom group therapy if there are no meetings near you. Best of luck to you.
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    Avoiding my psychiatrist because seeing him isn't helping

    Therapy works for millions of people. But you have to do your part, the therapist cannot read your mind. If you’re not honest about your problems then no therapist on the planet can help you. I get that cops coming to your home when you’re in a bad way is disturbing, 2 cops came to my house 4...
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    Why am i feeling better all of a sudden?

    Good for you!!! It is not a fluke! Animals can/are healing (to animal lovers) for many reasons, one I feel is most beneficial is they live “in the moment” which we find hard/ impossible ti Yay!!! Do not question, try to enjoy “the present” the future has not happened yet. Animals are hugely...
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    How does your t approach your anxiety in sessions?

    I don’t have an answer, but wanted to share that my 1st session was exactly the same!! I went home & was essentially bedridden for 2 weeks (at least) and I didn’t go to my 2nd appt cause just the thought of it...OMG! There was NOT a chance in heck I was doing that again & again...for Hell if I...
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    Mdma therapy for ptsd in 3rd phase

    Maybe that was the party drug (goodness knows what people add to it) This is pharmaceutical grade, the only health concern mentioned was the heart. It can speed up, so of course you’d be guven a medical exam prior to being approved. And I just saw this under the heading “research &...
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    Mdma therapy for ptsd in 3rd phase

    Anyone else read about or familiar with this? MAPS is the organization that is performing the trials. From what I read (hours of research) it’s looking like a miracle cure for Complex PTSD. As I am not in touch with my emotions & discussing “things” I have been running from, taking drugs to...
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    Have you ever questioned the diagnosis?

    Also, you should know that not everyone’s PTSD looks the same. Not sure if I am using the proper terminology but take personality disorders for ex. they lie on a spectrum, meaning one person with (for ex.) Bi Polar may be conpletely disabled & another fully functioning (with treatment). What...
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    I have ptsd ... i can't do this anymore.

    (((HUGS))) I feel ya, please hang in there! I’m 53, my ptsd started at age 5! I’m also dx Bi Polar 1 & ADD with a heaping dose of GAD thrown in fir goid measure :/. I’m merely existing at this point. One psych dr mentioned in passing that I may have ptsd about 10 years ago. When I asked what...
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    How many people feel like they don't belong?

    I’m with you Tornadic Thoughts! I do want to belong somewhere but not to this “normal” whatev tf that even is?! Society today sickens me, humans are some truly f-ed up animals. Honestly I like being different and these so called normal people...pfft, no such thing. Imo no one is “normal” just...
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    BPD Please help me understand the differences between bpd and c-ptsd

    Yes. Not everyone can or will develop ptsd regardless of the trauma or duration of such. I’ve read it’s thought to have a genetic component, not certain if thats a fact (tho imo it is), but it has nothing to do with a persons character or lack thereof. Like being “too sensitive”. However, it is...
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    Not sure what this is exactly, but i can finally explain it.

    Right here . And mind you I’m only just aware (as of yesterday) of my symptoms of PTSD. Been diagnosed depressed, bi polar, bi polar 1 w/ psychotic features, GAD, ADD, I don’t know anymore, frankly i’ve given up trying to keep track! I was a csa victim of my brother that began when i was 5..i...