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    What Is Dissociation?

    wow...that explains a lot....i am normal!!! ehehe
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    Selling My Soul For a Solid Nights Sleep!

    Was wondering if anyone has found any good techniques for getting to sleep at night and actually not waking up until morning? I have tried everything, warm milk, counting sheep, reading, tiring myself out with excercise etc etc, but whenever it gets to about 10pm, i am wide awake and not...
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    Newbie- Delayed Onset PTSD

    Thanks for all the welcome messages guys :) and i think i will check out the jokes section :) definate medicine needed!!
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    Newbie- Delayed Onset PTSD

    Hi Guys. I am new to the forums, long time reader, just haven't signed up out of nervousness I guess. :D Um, what to say...I have only recently been disgnosed with PTSD, about 6 months ago, finding the transition from being a normally strong person to a blubbering mess, a bit hard to deal...
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    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Hi, My name is Melanie and I am looking for poeple to chat to online or in my area. I suffer PTSD from a sexual assault. Please send me a PM if you want to chat. Thanks