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    Us Medical Insurance/psychiatrist

    No replies? Oh dear, I'm a bit of a loss of where to find info on this.
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    What Is A Normal First Visit To A Psychiatrist Like?

    My first visit lasted over an hour and was basically a long low key interview. I was asked about my health history, my living situation, diet, exercise, upbringing, thought about medication. It was very comprehensive. After discussing some medication options, and being given a relaxation cd, it...
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    Us Medical Insurance/psychiatrist

    Hi all, I've haven't been on here in ages. I'm doing well and considering taking a one year work position in the United States (I'm Cdn). How does getting health insurance work (and, with a pre-existing psychiatric condition) and how does one go about getting a referral to a psychiatrist (I...
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    Hi again, Since I set out my goals, I felt compelled to report back! I got more medical records (part 2 of 3), these the psychiatric ones. Actually pretty dry, factual and not upsetting to read. I'm not completely sure why but getting my medical records makes me feel like I'm in control - and...
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    Thanks so much for all the warm feedback - and atl22, I've been there and I'm heartened to know that I can be some indication of hope for you - I know how much I wanted and searched for that. I just wanted to report back that I did get a pap smear (not easy, but went relatively well), and got...
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    Trauma Treatment: A Universal Human Right?

    Here my treatment has been through the public system (ie no money out of pocket), saw a GP, got referred to a psychiatrist, waited about a month for my first appointment. Need a referral every 6 months, but that seems to happen automatically. No time limit. My prescriptions are between 1.50 and...
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    Remembrance Day

    people burn poppies? Seriously? I've never heard of that. It's disgraceful really - regardless of your views on anything. I went to a large community cenotaph ceremony. It's good to take time to remember.
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    How Do You Know When You Dissociate?

    There's a really good pamphlet available online called "what is dissociation" put out by a group called Caritas (just google both) that does a good systematic and simple job of explaining it. I actually used the pamphlet to explain my symptoms to a few friends. This is a symptom I have WAY too...
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    Not Sufferer - Girl-Friend Diagnosed With PTSD

    Hi there, I was curious about your post because I've been the "girlfriend with PTSD." It's not easy on the partner, that's for sure. I tried very very very hard to pull myself out of it,and believe me, if there'd been another way, I would have taken it. But psychiatry - meds and psychotherapy...
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    It's not one moment exactly, but I feel like celebrating. I haven't been on here in ages, which in itself is evidence of doing well. I survived fieldwork (not easy, but I did it), I'm actively dating again. And, I'm about ready to get my annual pap smear again, and get a copy of my medical...
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    The University

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    Is This Therapy Right For Me? Your Opinions Please.

    I think you are right to be concerned, I'd go backto your GP and ask about things. I don't mean to be pesimistic, but 6 sessions may do more damager than good (not that they are harmful in anf of themselves, but they open things up and you don't want to be left on your own in the middle of...
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    Realization: Re Physical And Mental Health

    Dear all, As some of you know I've been on the road in Africa for several months now doing research -which in itself is something I'm proud of. I've been struggling with a stomach bug for a few weeks, and was finding things a little more difficult than normal (and my brain a bit less...
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    Got Into Grad School

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    Ph.D Interview - I Didn't Make The Cut

    Hi there, My post just got spontaneously deleted- so I'll try again. I wanted to say I'm sorry this didn't work out it sounds like a very grueling process. I'm doing a PhD myself (in another field, I'm sure at another institution) so I have some idea of what this is like, both from my own...
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    Long Term Independent Travel

    Dear all, I am getting a bit worn out, but I've now been travelling for 7 weeks, mostly in Africa, all by myself, including time changes, being too hot, not having water, getting sick, getting lost, etc. and I'm doing quite well! It's by and large been amazing, I'm managing to get a fair...
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    Psychological Stressors Manifesting Into Physical Symptoms

    I agree with others who say he's probably not making it up, and it's likely got psychological roots. For ages I wouldn't eat before my appointment, because I always felt sick to my stomach, felt like I was going to throw up, had diarrhoea and was going to the bathroom constantly. But generally...
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    Dazed And Confused Spouse

    as someone with PTSD I just have to say this is an awesome list. I think 1, 2, 8 and 9 are particularly important. I just wanted to add, take care of yourself too, and I'm not so sure about 6, yes you don't want to stress her, but you also don't want to be pretending. Of course this will be...
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    Why Do People Need Therapy?

    If I had my doubts about therapy and psychiatry before all of this, I'm a convert now. At the very least therapy is a place where a) it's okay to talk about yourself, b) you can talk about the scary stuff that you worry will freak other people out, c) you can talk about all of this and not have...
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    Seeking Positive-Management Website

    Thanks Dylan- it's affirming to know that there's someone else at a similar stage. I'll look into the group - and Anthony I'll keep my eyes peeled for the blog after the Christmas break. I'm still mulling about creating my own, will let you know if I decide to act on it. I know when I...
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    Seeking Positive-Management Website

    Thanks Dylan and Anthony for your feedback. Dylan- I thought I couldn't be the only one looking for this. Low traffic and a blog would be fine. It's occasional reminders of things that I need. I have learnt a lot of techniques, but even still it's useful to reread and feel like there is someone...
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    Poll Who Traumatized You

    I don't really feel comfortable with this poll. I thought it would be who the person is, ie their relationship to you if any. But it seems to have us guessing at motives. I don't know, and I don't want to put myself in his head.
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    Seeking Positive-Management Website

    there also used to be one called dissociation world where you could chat online in real time- very helpful but now tending to be unavailable.
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    Seeking Positive-Management Website

    Hi Nicolette, I think this site is a real resource for people at the processing trauma stage. I'd particularly like to find a place to read from people who have recovered and are managing well - I guess I want to read about "living well with a dissociative disorder" for example. There was...
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    Language Pet Peeves

    I've noticed on some sites (I think mainly US ones) that people who use mental health services are referred to as consumers, I hate this. I don't like importing financial, shopping, money-oriented language where it doesn't belong. I'm not going shopping when I see my psychiatrist or get a...