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    New to This, Confused, Overwhelmed

    Thanks very much for your response and for telling me about what has worked for you. I do have a therapist, I moved to VA from FL about 9 months ago and started with my therapist here about 7 months ago. As it turns out, and it was not my plan, she specializes in trauma and has extensive...
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    ED Trauma, diagnosed borderline and have OCD and anorexia plus

    I also have a history of anorexia, several severe episodes over several decades. I did have periods of relative recovery between episodes, though. I have been on an NG tube several times in the past, but only short-term and never in place of eating food. When I was on the tube I continued to...
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    New to This, Confused, Overwhelmed

    I am very new to even trying to understand the impact that ritual abuse and what people tell me was severe, long-term sexual, physical, and emotional trauma. All of it scares me and overwhelms me and makes me want to run and hide and go back to pretending everything is perfect, fine, blissful...
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    The Body Keeps Score

    I have this book, actually I initially got the audio version through Audible and then I ordered the hard-copy as well. I like having it in both audio and reading. This was recommended to me by my therapist several times but I was reluctant. Once I did get it and listen to it and read it I found...
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    Upset over Diagnosis Change

    I mean, if I had to guess, I would think maybe she simply wants to be validated that what she is experiencing is real and what she has gone through has changed her life. If the diagnosis really has remitted that is one thing, but if she is not being validated for something that is currently real...
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    Understand complex ptsd (cptsd)

    It takes a lot of effort, trial and error, research, word of mouth...but, ultimately, connection. Someone can be an amazing trauma therapist but we are all different and connect differently. I found a great trauma therapist...and I wasn’t even looking for a trauma therapist per se...more a...
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    Sufferer Could use some insight... Diagnosed 6 months ago

    I am new to here as well...and to the is very scary to me. I appreciate you sharing...helpful to me and hopefully also helpful to you.
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    Sufferer New To Everything - PTSD & Anorexia - Any ideas or suggestions for dealing with that awful anxiety and insomnia?

    I am new here. I have been in therapy on and off for a decent amount of time but more on than off over the past 5 years. Even though I have been in a lot of therapy, inpatient treatment for anorexia, mental health treatment inpatient, and other things, I have never (until the past 6 months...and...