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    New Here - PTSD From Abusive Relationship

    hi blue hang in there and rember kids aren't dumb they see and here alot but sometimes the judge will ask the kid what they want. sally
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    New Here - Not Sure How This Works

    hi welcome we are all in the same boat here some just sailed rougher seas than others. just reach out we don't bite. / some-one else to talk to helps sally
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    Counselling Nightmare

    hi went to councling today there were people waiting to go to group when a guy with a hood on walked up and said triple trouble to some of the girls waiting to check in then he pointed his finger like a gun and said bang/bang/bang I backed up towards the wall to sectary told tomm that I...
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    Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconscious Mind : Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconsc

    weird dream the other day I was running with a pack of wolves happy and care free all of a sudden there was nothing but blood every where and nothing wlse. then I woke up shakeing sally
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    Worried - Friend Diagnosed with Hodgkins

    hi thank you for all the support mel has d-cel non hodgkins lymphoma. I know it's far from over but you support helped me feel better thankyou sally
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    Hello - PTSD From Law Enforcement

    hi marc, welcome to our world I think you were in law enf to make a difference in the world. I know your lost of babies. know what the wilds animals I've met are humans. they hurt each other for no reason. sally
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    Hypervigilance - How To Not Be Scared

    hypervigilance on thing I found to help is ty-chie and soft music LIke yanna / bauch/ chavski/ect. my counsler showed me a eye exice that I found amazing That your finger or hand slowly back and forth in front of your face follow it with yours eyes only repeat it 25-30 times it's almost hynotic...
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    Hypervigilance - How To Not Be Scared

    on thing I found to help is ty-chie and soft music LIke yanna / bauch/ chavski/ect. my counsler showed me a eye exice that I found amazing That your finger or hand slowly back and forth in front of your face follow it with yours eyes only repeat it 25-30 times it's almost hynotic but you calm...
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    How Do You All Handle The Dark?

    night monster I guess we all have them I sleep with a angel lamp on that my sisters dr. she worked for sent to me. and The dogs help alot but alot of the time I end up on the floor in a corner under the covers, Tom put camras outside for me with night vision and movement lights that will turn...
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    Good Mom Story!

    way to go keep on trucking sally
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    Trying - Moving Past The Pain

    I got a new councler and I like her very much we are trying art therpy never heard of it before. I do feel better after each section and susan gave me a new journal to write in lots prettier than my old notebook. I'm faceing a rough time in my familys health. but I have a strong feeling that...
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    Worried - Friend Diagnosed with Hodgkins

    :rolleyes: my daughter in law also my freind who died. daughter is also a very close freind in my life has just been told she has hodgkins and it's growing in her lungs because she was too afraid to take the steps to get help until I stepped in as a freind and mother and got her to the hospital...
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    Dream Interpretation

    nirvana sorry but I'm still very computer dumb only had one since mud dec how do I get to the 33 34 thread thankyou sally
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    Dream Interpretation

    figure this one out please my horses are in the pasture running free. my grandson said he found some loose horses and put them in the field. (big no-no) I went to look and there was 6 horses with orange zebra stripes then I woke up sally
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    Afraid Again - Armed Robbers in my Area

    :naughty: the last three days there has been a team of guy/girl armed robbers in my local are altoona pa 1 subway mon. 2 holliday inn tues. 3 dairy queen weds. the police know who they are and they are trying their best but It's sent me into a panic tailspin. but surprise change of habbit...
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    Suggestions Please - Making a Safe Place

    hi my councler helped me find a cabin with a fireplace and a handmade rug with a cat and I'm the only on there well the younger version of me and I can vist her when ever I want to or need to. so being the only one in your safe place is okay someday you'll feel okay to let other in . at least...
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    One Small Step

    :Hug_emoticon:hi it's sally I did it my grandkids are spending the nights again ray 12 and scott 9 spent fri. scott spent sat night tonight sun my 3 year old granddaughter is spending the night. tomorrow it's play dough and coloring books. and I even got my self through a few rough spots...
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    Poll Do You Grind Your Teeth?

    does chewing your tounge count? if so YES sally
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    Poll When Did the Symptoms of PTSD First Appear, After the Initial Traumatic Event?

    not sure I've handled alot before I snapped like ex-husbands adbuse broken bones sugery repaired face jaw broke in 4 places. next standing next to a stranger I met that night when he was shot point blank in the face/ ex-boyfreinds beating me till I lost a child at 6 months aglong/then he raped...
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    What Do I Do Now?

    went to the councler today seems my mind broke again! I see the councler twice a month/the head dr. once/reg dr the other week/ plus I have a phone councler for 24/7 calls. seems the stress from the insurance company won't let me go to school for retraining. But they say I can't be a conveniece...
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    Can't Take Much More - The Nightmares are Terrible

    how long does it take for the crazies to go away I'm so tired of wakeing up screaming and hitting and kicking my poor husband. I spend the nights wakeing the floor till dawn "I call it the night monsters" when I see some-one with a hoodie on. I can't move my feet want to run but my body won't...
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    Other How many of us have agoraphobia?

    hi it's sally I understand not wanting to go out/ I don't leave the house with-out someone at my side. I didn't know it had a name. ans you should see me when I see someone wearing a hoodie I panic can't move because my feet won't run and my brain won't let me hear the person I'm with. so your...
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    Got Through Dishes.... Now The Kitchen

    :thumbs-uphi it's sally again thank you for helping me get though the dishes. it took me two days and a lot of self talking to myself but I did it! next step is the kitchen counters one "small" section at a time. thank you sally
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    List Your Joke, Funny Caption To Brighten Ptsd

    THE MAIDS RAISE the maid ask for a raise. the madam was very upset about this and asked: now Maria, whe do you want a rasie? MARIA; well madam, there are three reasons why I want an increase. The first is I iron better that you MADAM; who said you iron better than me? Maria; the master said so...
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    Dream Interpretation

    hi try to figure out this dream my horses are loose in a pretty pasture. my grandson finds 6 loose and put them in with mine,(thats a big no-no with horses) but when I went to look they were orange and white striped like a zebra. sally