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    Jobs For PTSD

    Wow - Perfect Empire - that's a great list - and now I understand why I'm struggling so much at work. My work environment is exactly every item on your list (but with the wrong answer). I have NO flexible schedule - in at 8am sharp, work through lunch at my desk, stay late at least 2 nights a...
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    Jobs For PTSD

    I personally have not managed to find that balance. I honestly know that I need a lower stress job but am unable to take one at this time. Having said that, my daughter (also PTSD) recently changed jobs from an employer with alot of stress, responsiblity, and constantly changing shifts...
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    Ready For Help

    Bliss - I also have PTSD from childhood abuse. I managed to "muddle" through life quite well (at least I thought) until about a year ago when the bottom fell out from underneath me. My take is that in most cases these things tend to catch up with you. You can only stuff down and put away so...
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    If Potatoes Were A Person...What Are Your Comfort Foods?

    Homemade baked macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, hot tea, and hot flavored coffee drinks. Great thread!
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    Charlotte, NC USA

    I'm also in the Triangle area :-)
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    My Side Pains Are Back

    oh I'm so sorry. Yeah I haven't seen pizza for years - I can do white pizza though (with no red sauce) - but truthfully it's not the same (but it's not bad by any means). I hope you feel better soon.
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    Urgent Cell Phone Advice Requested!

    2quilt - Both of my children have had water damage to their phones and Verizon has given them comparable replacements for $50. It's worth a shot at least. Make sure you go to an actual verizon store though - not one of the phone stores that sell for multiple companies. The problem with...
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    PTSD And Shame

    I don't feel shame for having PTSD (I know that my abuse was not my fault), but I feel shame over the symptoms of PTSD. I constantly tell my husband and children that I'm sorry that I can't do something (socially), or if I'm too tired to go somewhere with them, I even say I'm sorry when I'm...
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    What Is Your Carer Doing For Support?

    Junebug - I also feel that perhaps I should have been clearer. I try to talk openly with my carer and he thinks "everything is fine" and that I "dwell" on things too much. The one and only time he has expressed at all that "I was stressing him out" was seriously a control issue (on his part)...
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    I Am Sleeping "Way" Too Much

    Herc - I am also tired ALL the time right now - regardless of how much sleep I get. I am getting a complete bloodwork round done in a couple of weeks to rule out medical causes - (full CBC count, Vitamin D level check, hormone levels etc.) I think it's important to rule out medical first -...
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    What Is Your Carer Doing For Support?

    CCurry - I agree completely. I think seeking out help is a MUCH healthier way to cope for the carer AND the sufferer.
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    Wounded By My In Laws - Not Sure How To Work Through This

    This is exactly why - I have limited the number of people in my family (and friends) that are aware of my abuse and my diagnosis. I made the mistake of telling my brother (whom I thought would understand - being that we grew up in the same house) and he responded "Can you honestly tell me that...
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    Propranolol - Have Any Of You Heard Of This Medication?

    Everyone's body chemistry is different so please remember this is only my experience. I have never taken this particular medication - but have been on a beta-blocker previously for my blood pressure issues. I will NEVER go on another one again. It increased my depression to a quite scary...
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    When Your Tank Is Running On Empty

    Welcome. My only advice is to ride the wave but don't get wiped out in the process. We (sufferers) do push away those closest to us, its a bad coping skill that is hard to let go of and is truly a safety net for most of us during times of crisis (can't get hurt more if we don't let you in)...
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    What Is Your Carer Doing For Support?

    Unfortunately my "carer" has his head in the sand I'm afraid. Maybe that's an unfair statement to be honest, but he has only mentioned once that he was stressed out by me and that was in order to prevent me from doing something I wanted to do - so I'm a little jaded. When I was on the...
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    From what I know - with ADA it has to be "resonable accomodations" that don't cause "undue hardship" for the employer. It's a VERY gray area and is definately a case by case situation. For example - in some workplaces you might could have a flexible schedule - where you came in a little later...
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    I Hate Incompetence

    Boy, do I understand your frustration. (It seems like I'm constantly dealing with something medical and NOTHING ever goes smoothly). I have found that now, I actually expect there to be issues and delays - that way I'm not so irritated when they actually happen. However, the test you had...
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    Trapped - I tried every book and video out there and could never get anything right (my cast on either lost loops are were too loose or I would just completely lose my place. It become soo frustrating!!! Eventually, I was in a waiting room while my mom was having an out patient procedure...
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    Genuinely Wish To Know About Therapy Length.

    Anni - I'm coming up on the one year mark with my T - weekly sessions (EVERY week) and am absolutely not ready to even consider letting go. There are so many different types of trauma and the resulting effects of PTSD - I believe it really is a case by case situation. I often get frustrated...
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    Memory Loss - Not Sure What To Do

    Aine - I also have C-PTSD and have always had memory issues (included some supressed memories). Recently, my memory issues have actually gotten worse (I absolutely have no idea what I did this weekend for example), while in therapy. You don't mention why you haven't started treatment yet...
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    My Side Pains Are Back

    They can rule out other causes with a cystoscopy but not diagnose you with IC. It can certainly be ruled out by excluded other causes (which is never a bad idea). Urinary retention - ah yes...........all I can tell you is try not to push - you'll end up with pelvic floor dysfunction (I...
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    Question For Survivors Of Child Abuse

    Helena- First, I am so sorry that you both are dealing with this. My current husband was the first person I EVER told about my child sexual abuse. I believe we were living together at the time and engaged. I got triggered and finally broke down and told him. Gradually over the years (19...
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    Relationship What Is My Role In His Therapy?

    I have also been pondering this, and I know you are in a tough spot. Did I ever mention to you when my daughter was hospitalized she REFUSED to sign the release for them to talk to me? (She voluntarily admitted herself). So tread carefully regarding contacting his counselor on his behalf...
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    Timeless Wisdom From The Uninitiated

    Ghost - Thanks for the smile - Growing up surrounded by mental illness, passing the gene down, and having C-PTSD I have a laundry list as well (I'll try to keep it short): 1. She would feel better if she got up and went out looking for a job (said to my daughter immediately after being...
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    Trying To Stay Strong

    Catching up from the holidays and wanted to drop you a note. I am so proud of you for taking this step, Jo sounds very much like my ex and I know firsthand how hard it can be to break away (especially with the constant calls and emails). Sounds like you are setup in a wonderful, supportive...