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    Is Anyone Taking Effexor XR?

    I was taking citalopram (Celexa). stopped that about 3 months ago, but the depression is really getting bad. My therapist wants me to try Effexor xr but I have a terror of new medicines. I've had the pills since tuesday but I mean c'mon, with zoloft I got tardive dyskenisia (uncontrollable...
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    PTSD And Addictions - Particularly Opiates

    I am quitting smoking at this time. The doctor prescribed Chantix. The first day I used it, I felt euphoric. Not over the top, but a real feeling of happiness. I had already quit the anti-depressant, Celexa, over the previous 2 months. I have now been taking Chantix for the last 4 weeks. The...
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    Trying To Understand PTSD - Question For Sufferers

    Something triggered it. Could be the time of year, something that happened at that ime in the past. Or something he saw that set up a mental spiral. Or he was maintaining till he just couldn't do it anymore. Eventually it catches up with all of us. We push it back repeatedly, until it just won't...
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    Trazodone And My Continuous Sleep Problems

    I guess what I was trying to say is that this has taken over my life. The fear, I'm sure you know. I get on my hands and knees on my bed. I stretch, I pray, I listen to that song. I combat the feelings. Then, when it releases a little I work with that and on and on. everyday. Your mind isn't...
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    Trazodone And My Continuous Sleep Problems

    I felt the same way when I was on trazadone. But I also started getting these funny little heart palpitations. My doc said that it didn't have anything to do with the traz.....then I got an emergency message to go to the hosp for an EKG. It was okay but my doc took me off the traz. In my 10m...
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    How Do You Deal With Holidays?

    oh yes. I live with my sister ( I pay rent) and her in-laws are her and they don't know quite how to deal with me. So unconfortable. all of this really contributes to the feeling of not belonging anywhere
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    How Do You Deal With Your Anger?

    Me too. I have no idea when I am angry. I am not allowed to be angry. Trained and conditioned to not be angry by my mother first, then by my husband for 20 years. :naughty: I left him almost 6 years ago. I am scared to get angry still.
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    Feeling Horrid

    You are not alone and it is going to be okay. If you have the ability to recognize shit still then it's okay. well, maybe not okay, but you are still with us. And don'tm think that you are the only one who questions reality. I do too. my doc gets worried about me because I get the floaty weird...
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    Let's Talk About Our Trust Issues

    I trust no one. If people help me, I think they are just setting me up to use me. When it becomes inconvenient, they'll drop me. I live with my adopted sister and they are great, but then again, I go out of my way at all times to be agreeable, no problem, etc. It puts a lot of strain on me.
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    Is There A Quotation That Rings True For You?

    "What it comes to, I think, is the knowledge that you are not God." He paused, then added, softly, "And the very real regret that you cannot be." Lord John, Voyager, Diana Gabaldon
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    Fictional Characters Who Really Ought To Have PTSD

    I vote for Alex Cross from the James Patterson books. Seems like in every one of the books, he is either exposed to or victim of horrific serial killers. Or his kids are or his girlfriends.
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    Other Twitches and spasms - tic disorder?

    I'm going in to have blood tests (regular) in the morning and I am going to try to pin the doc down about seeing a neurologist and maybe an orthopedist (have a broken vertebrae, maybe that is it?) I just don't feel right, but that could also be part of getting off celexa. F**k, I dunno.
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    Do You Feel Alone in This World?

    I understand EXACTLY how you feel. The only people I talk to are my doctors, my sister and husband and son (whom I live with), and the girl I go swimming with. I go to places, like school, but I rarely speak to anyone. I don't belong here. Right now, I am trying to work myself up to get my own...
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    Other Twitches and spasms - tic disorder?

    sheree71 Does it happen when you lay down to rest? When I lay down, trying to relax or sleep. It seems I am in between sleep and being awake and my body starts to feel like it is stiffening or something and then this burst of pain? or something goes through my body. The last time it happened I...
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    Breaking Taboo's. An Anecdotal Explanation of Self Harm - And How I Overcame It.

    Cutting and burning are the "fast food" of coping skills. I have done it to make the pressure in my head go away, because I hated myself for being weak, and to stop the internal pain. I was talking with my sister the other day, we are trying to quit smoking, and we both thought that the smoking...
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    Other Twitches and spasms - tic disorder?

    but, it'sgetting really bad and it hurts. I have called my hterapist. I quit taking celexa because it wa making me more obsessive. They haven't started me on another one yet. But thank you. that makes sense about the startle reflex. It's just really weird that even people talking, it's like each...
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    Other Twitches and spasms - tic disorder?

    what I wanted to know is if maybe you or anyone else feels like this. It's kind of freaking me out.
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    Other Twitches and spasms - tic disorder?

    I get the twitches too. I think it is from staring. Sometimes, when I am "off in my own little world" I tend to stare. I don't think we blink as much. But, let me ask you something. Sometimes, it feels like all my nerves are strung thru my body like guitar wires. If there is a noise, like a car...
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    I Won My Appeal

    It's validating, isn't it? After all the docs and all the crap, to finally have someone recognize that there really is a problem.
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    Your Creative Input for Trauma Education Video

    Wow...secondary that's real too. I thought that I was just taking things too hard or whatever. But it's not is it. When you go to a doctor or talk to someone and they don't think about what they are saying to you, it always felt like another betrayal. And that just stacked up with...
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    Trying To Stay Awake

    Thank you so much for your concern. All of you! Knowing that I am not the only one (not that I would wish this on my worst enemy) helps so much. I spoke with my therapist and she is going to talk with the psychiatrist about changing my meds. I've been noticing that the celexa is making me more...
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    Medication - I Feel Toxic

    I am like that too... I can't tell you how many times I have been prescribed meds that I never took. They prescribed celebrex (dodged a bullet there), cymbalta, etc. I actually took trazadone when my doc prescribed it, but I started noticing that my heart was getting a little jumpy, asked my...
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    Trying To Stay Awake

    I am sitting here at midnight, again, because I am scared to go to sleep. I am waking up in panic attacks. Feeling like I am choking and having trouble breathing. Everything is falling apart. I am behind in my classes. I don't know if I will be able to catch up. I am alone. I have such a good...
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    Advice Please - Told I Don't Need Therapy

    Thank you so much for posting this!...I am going through a transition in therapists also. I had been with my previous therapist for almost 2 years. I saw a new one three times and he asked me the last time what I wanted to work on. The first thing in my head was "I'm fine." Defense mechanism, I...
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    Therapy? Venting Frustration

    I believe that it is the therapists job to connect with you on the levels you need. The reason I say this is because I just left a therapist who was really wonderful to come back home and try live as normally as I can. He was great. He understood that I needed reassurance while I was trying to...