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    Poll New PTSD Poll - More Questions for Research

    hey its alyce again thanks for your answers i have some more questions and it would be great if anyone could answer them as i am studying the affects ptsd on the family as well as the sufferer and my family is involved deeply within this research. 1. When did the symptoms of PTSD first...
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    Hi I'm Alyce - PTSD Questions for Research and Awareness

    Hi im the student that Pita was referring to, thanks for allowing me to ask a few questions regarding PTSD on your forum. 1.How would you describe your current family/living arrangements? 2.Do you believe that your experience of PTSD impacts on the people you live with? Yes/No. (if yes...
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    Hello - Request for PTSD Research

    Thank you for welcoming us to your forum Anthony. My students awareness of ptsd was raised by a friend experiencing ptsd and the difficulties that she and her family were experiencing. She really wants to understand ptsd better and hopefully raise awareness amoung the wider community. She will...
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    Hello - Request for PTSD Research

    Hello, my name is Pita. I am a high school teacher in Australia. I have a student who is researching the effects of PTSD on family members. She was wondering if it is okay to post some questions on your forum? She wants to respect that this is your forum and not post without your...