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    Treating PTSD and the Importance of Proficient Management Techniques

    I wasn't like this before! It is so frustrating every single day I wake up. I'm not the same as before. I want my life back. I want my sense of security back. But the biggest and most important of all, I yearn for the feeling of totall comfort when I walk into a room and feel in complete...
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    New to Everything - Jumping into Forum Support

    rofl I knew I was attracted to it for a reason! Thanks for the welcome. Lorrie
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    Emotional Boundaries Discussion

    forehead I am just now hitting the intensity part and dealing with how much boundaries can either help or hinder a situation. But I always wondered why I would get picked on and I bet it has something to do with boundaries. I'm 5'9" slender and blonde, so you wouldn't think I'd have a...
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    New to Everything - Jumping into Forum Support

    Hi! My name is Lorrie and I'm a newbie. I'm having a weird day today so I'm just trying keep my head clear, and my forehead relaxed so I don't get wrinkles. I have my extremes, but I do write a lot. I am a full time student at the age of 40 and one of my motto's is Mature gracefully, Age...
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    PTSD and Extra Sensitive

    Thank you I will research it. I'm on a new job at school, and the snide remarks are so pathetic. When I see the person I'm sure they wonder why I give them a half smile. If you can't say it to their face, don't say it all
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    PTSD and Extra Sensitive

    You hit it on the head. Thank You. It is like my mind is two steps in front of me and ready to warn me of future danger, and in some cases it draws from my sense of hearing.
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    Poll When Did the Symptoms of PTSD First Appear, After the Initial Traumatic Event?

    how long? Stress and trauma has been in my life since my childhood, but the abuse from my marriage and the relationship is my demon. The question is tough because I tried to hide with alcohol but it jut covered the symptoms. I guess it has been about 12 years and my mind has just recently...
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    Round of Applause

    All I know is, this is my first day here and I read a concern from someone about anxiety and it sounded just like me. I have been so lonely and afraid. People don't understand how it feels to be so different that you can't even talk about it. And when you do talk about it, they think your from...
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    Employment with Fear

    totally relate I can't believe how much you sound like me. I thought I was the only one who got so scared and could only guess of what I did wrong when I'm called on. I'm so bad, I freak out on e-mails.:wall: I try to calm down. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But I'd really like to talk...
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    PTSD and Extra Sensitive

    response and request Actually, it can be very quiet, which makes the conversation easier to hear. Now that I think about it though, I was always a part of the conversation. This happened usually at work, but I would be down the hallway at the copier. When I re-entered the room they never...
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    PTSD and Extra Sensitive

    I know I'm not crazy, but I have the ability to hear conversations from far away, especially if they are about me. It's like my brain is wired with a built in antenna and I can't turn it off. My senses are so finely tuned it drives me nuts. It takes everything in me to stay in a room if I feel...