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    Medical Doctor let me know through a note on my labs

    @DharmaGirl, i get it and agree that learning off a sidenote in a lab report is wrong, actually sorta nuts if you think about it. Especially as so many simple things can make your kidneys worse, but how would you know to avoid them without being told. Hydration is VERY important as well as...
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    Medical Doctor let me know through a note on my labs

    i just went all the way through stage 5 and had a kidney transplant. i agree this should have been discussed, but there really isn't much to do till late state 3 or early stage 4. Even then monitoring should become scheduled like every 3-6 months. Does make you wonder though....
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    Medical Help: have you had this medical trauma? looking for support.

    Hi Portia, thanks for your post. it can take some courage to state how crazy we feel inside when faced with what others do without thinking. I have a pretty extreme medical phobia too, and cannot go into an exam room without scanning (subconsciously) for potential weapons to use to defend...
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    Other Substance Abuse And Trauma

    I have been in recovery for 37 years, and spent 5 years as a inpatient and outpatient chemical dependency counselor. I have had PTSD symptoms from age 5, 20 years before DSM111 first listed PTSD as a condition.. Drugs and alcohol kept me from suicide from age 13 to 23. Although I identify as an...
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    Normal Self Is Stone Faced

    Yup! Often I find myself unconsciously putting out physical cues that intentionally misdirected as well. I don't really think about it but I'd someone is making me really uncomfortable I exude calm and serenity. Done it all my life.
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    Sufferer Ptsd From Childhood Surgery W/o Anesthesia

    Thanks for the post RR. I am not a pro, but from your description I expect this event was traumatic enough to be a source of PTSD. Not everyone who had a surgery event has memories, actually it is a rather small percentage, most do not have any recollection or after effect. But some of as do...
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    Desperate For Advice Please

    I know you said writting is hard, but I had to start there. Even then it was just a few words to help T get started somewhere close to where we needed to be, clues more than a full explaination. Might help your T devise some grounding and calming exercises that will help you feel safe to peel...
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    Sufferer Ptsd From Childhood Surgery W/o Anesthesia

    Thanks Fred mom for being open and sharing. It can be tough to do especially if your new to this. Welcome to the group and I look forward to meeting you in chat sometime.
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    Other Self stimulatory behavior / stimming

    This is too weird. I never noticed myself doing this, ever. I just opened your post and before i read a word, was tapping my collar bone. OK, strange thing for the day......
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    Sufferer "how Did You Get Ptsd From Surgery?!"

    Hayden, saw this post after I replied to another of your posts. So welcome again. By anesthesia awareness are you saying that you woke up or became aware mid surgery, or that the anesthesia never put you under at all? Either way it must have horrible and I can imagine the intensity of the...
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    Sufferer Ptsd From Childhood Surgery W/o Anesthesia

    Hayden, thanks for the reply. As I see you have just joined, I assume your medical experience had a lot to do with your seeking help now. I encourage you to get around and read stuff in the forum, and meet some people in real time in the chat. If you ever want to talk in a more private way, you...
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    Sufferer Ptsd Sufferer With Re-occuring Dreams

    Glad Ladee said this, i know for sure i had serious personality issues and PTSD at age 5. Saddly for me PTSD was not recognized in DSMIII till 1980, when i was 43.
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    Undiagnosed Reaching Out For The First Time

    Srexy, i am so sorry you are in such an uncomfortable spot right now. Most of us have been there as well, and i assure you that you will be meeting people here who understand and talk your language. For years and years i wished for someone safe to talk to, to compare notes, to understand what is...
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    Therapist Falsely Accused Me Of Theft

    whats missing?? something of significance or something petty, Is his chair missing or something?? And i agree with Gwen, if something is missing, that's an opportunity for discussion, no accusations and yelling. I mean, honestly, we do have the ability to act out, so you talk about it if it...
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    First Emdr Today

    glad you got the first session out of the way and that it was worthwhile. Keep motivated and keep at it, there may be a few tough sessions to go before you gain all the benefits from EMDR.
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    Relationship New Relationship And Ptsd...i'm At A Loss

    Viking, i am the one with PTSD in our relationship,and part of me knows when i am pushing her away, but I feel so at risk, so into the fight or flight mode, that i do and say things i hate. I am better at giving her warnings that i am feeling against a wall, but sometimes she misses them and I...
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    Supporter Hello! Here I Am!

    hope you develop a comfort and trust of the folks you meet here, and i look forward to learning about your struggles and hearing your input. Will keep an eye out for you in the chat room.
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    Sufferer Recent Diagnosis

    Hi Chandra, again welcome. I enjoyed meeting you today in the chat room and am glad you found us. Hope to see you again soon, and hope you get that script issues resolved soon.
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    Sufferer Intro: Hello, I'm Brooke.

    welcome and glad you are here. This really is a community of real people. I hope you meet a few and develop ties with them, it can be a GREAT support for you to know you are not alone, that others sincerely care, and that you have a 24/7 safe place regardless of what is happening in your home...
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    Childhood Do I Open This Door?

    While I would not want to talk you into anything that did not occur, i gotta recall the old adage "where there is smoke, there is usually fire." When I was young, i suffered from a whole series of odd stressors and unusual yet specific fears. I compiled a list of trigging words, phrases and...
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    Sufferer Hello..needing Confirmation

    like eloc, this is not an area I had experience in, but in my opinion, your step brother was being very inappropriate and showing little caring or self-control. I do not see anywhere in your brief story where he was considerate or cared for you or your likes and dislikes. That sounds abusive to...
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    A Doctor With Compassion

    WOW, what a cool experience JEK, and how validating for you. Color me jealous.
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    I Stood Up For Myself Today!

    ....and for a final step, donate the $25 to the church in their name.
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    Undiagnosed Another Newbie

    Let me add my Welcome to the others Carmen. Glad you have joined us! Signed, "a MUCH older adult"(sometimes)
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    Sufferer New To This Site.

    Welcome Rose, Let the adventure begin!! Tons of information to explore and lots of new friends to meet. Even after 40+ years of dealing with PTSD I have picked up new insights and new tricks in the month i have been hanging around. Hope to meet you live and in person some day in the chat...