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    What is this diary thing I have read about?
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    Frustrated With Therapy

    I feel for you and your situation, I would find a different therapist based on the 3 comments as they are not compatible with the type of therapist I need. How however it sounds like that kind of therapist might work for others. I would have been offended by the hiding behind a disability when...
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    I have used Ativan in the past but currently on Klonopin after having a PTSD relapse. I never had issues with the Ativan, my last and present Dr.s think Klonopin is the best for PTSD not sure but it helps me currently.
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    Avoiding my place of work, need help

    Thank you everyone this has helped!!!
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    Avoiding my place of work, need help

    Yes I can, nervous to do so Afraid of having another outburst and embarrassed that others saw me out of control., and how they were affected or feel
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    Avoiding my place of work, need help

    After 2 separate situations with a Supervisor at my PT job I have experienced PTSD symptoms including a melt down when she took my cell phone 2 weeks ago. This past Sat she kept badgering me about a variety of issues, my perception is she is attacking me and this time I went into a verbal...
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    Sufferer Child sexual assault survivor struggling to share in therapy

    I understand all of your fears in not disclosing but trust me it you have a good therapist and there are bad ones out there you have to trust. I was repeatedly raped at age 6-7 yo, then in my 40's I was attacked, beaten, raped and left for dead. There is nothing harder than being honest with a...
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    Emdr and scared

    EMDR has worked for me and changed my life
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    I have been through many sessions of EMDR and now we are re-framing my internal messages about myself. However it seems my T now thinks I can just drop out of therapy and be ok? I was suppose to go to a group for women who have experienced trauma but she says the group is too full. So now I am...
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    Totally freaked out

    I have made it thru EMDR and reprocessing my internal messages about myself not deserving what happened to me. My T told me one or 2 more sessions and we will be done. I freaked but didn't let her know. I have spent 2.5 months going thru this and now she seems to think I can move on. My...
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    Relationship Goes numb and leaves. where do we go from here?

    He needs treatment for PTSD first and foremost. I have PTSD and being treated it for it after being beaten raped and left for dead. Until he is willing to seek help I would step away. Healing isn't as easy trip and I think it is very hard for our Vets who have experienced more trauma than I...
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    Friends that want you to stay sick

    Thank you all for your feedback, I think she wants to keep me in a sick mode so she can help me. I am so tired of others in my life seeing me with the lens of the past. I know it takes time and I understand that. However this person has a counseling history and has the ability to say "are you...
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    Friends that want you to stay sick

    I am moving through EMDR, almost done and wondering about if you have ever had friends that want you to stay sick. My friend has been by my side thru EMDR but seems to have changed recently. It seems in my mind she almost wants me t stay unhealthy and has tried pushing my buttons. She wrote me...
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    Dealing with friends from the past

    Thank you I think you are right
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    Dealing with friends from the past

    Thanks for the feedback
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    Dealing with friends from the past

    I guess I am hurt as this person is one I have emailed in detail my experiences with EMDR and the changes I have made. andt" then to say they are expecting a "shit fit" hurt me and I felt she dismissed all the work I have done to find myself. This is someone I have know off and on for 30...
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    Dealing with friends from the past

    Thanks Gia I appreciate you suggestions
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    Dealing with friends from the past

    Thank you Gia, I guess for me it is hard for me that my past friends don't see the changes I have made. I have tried to make amends but it isn't easy. Sometimes i think I should just move on and meet new people who haven't experienced my past anger. That will see for who I am now.
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    Dealing with friends from the past

    Thank you Into the light! I appreciate your response.
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    Dealing with friends from the past

    I have hurt, offended a lot of people over the last few years. I have alienated my remaing family members who won't speak to me all of which is my responsibility for my outrageous behavior. I have been through EMDR and I am on a healing journey in which I have changed tremendously in how I...
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    Who am i now?

    I have been in EMDR therapy and have gone through being beaten, raped and left for dead. I am near the end of the first phase of my therapy. I have changed so much, my stress, anger and outburst are under control. I am not the same person I was for years, pushing others away with my anger. My...
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    Depressed and suicidal

    I am close to the end of EMDR and the trauma I experienced. It is the hardest thing I have ever done but worth it as I am desensitized to much not all of what happened to me. I appreciate this site for its support of me and helping me learn from others as well as the articles. I am not in...
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    Trying again (maybe)

    That is what I found, a Trauma specialist trained in EMDR has been very successful for me. Not an easy process.
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    Sufferer Trans with c-ptsd looking for support

    Welcome Sam, I am not Trans but understand. I have PTSD and this is a great site for that.
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    Trying again (maybe)

    What kind of therapy are you looking for? I live in a small city really just a town with few resources for mental health but have been able to find a great therapist.