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    Night Sweats?
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    How Do You Experience Anger?

    Painting Writing Cooking even... Something where you channel ....and you are safe...
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    I really thought wrong...

    About a month ago my wife came home and told me she was not in love with me any more. It came completely out of no where and I’m so very heartbroken by it all. She said that she had almost cheated about me the week before and that she could not bear to hurt me by really doing so. Thus she felt...
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    Does Therapy Seem Permissive To You?

    I agree, it's really all about INTENT!
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    How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

    My day's....has been short thus far. Talk about not making the most of it...I'm laying on the sofa...with a lap top on my tummy....lame I know. I'm depressed....and ....well doing a lot of thinking.
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    What Kind of Music Do You Listen To?

    I loveeeeee music. It's great...and it's everything to me really... I grew up on Bob Marley...and lots of punk rock. I still love both but have moved on to a lot of Indie music-Mount sims, Peaches,Death cab for cutie...etc. Emo...Hard core...Some pop punkie kind of stuff...and I adore classic...
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    Is Anyone Taking Effexor XR?

    Don't do it... Part of me wants to tell you to run from the hills...I hate effxor so very much! It has done nothing for me but cause lots of really bad side effects. I have had shocks all over my body and if I miss a god. As far as it taking away depression...not so much. Also, if...
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    Hello - 3 Traumatic Events

    Sounds like you have come to the right place... Maybe you could tell us a bit more about yourself when you feel like it..
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    General Partner Has Started Medication and He's Worse

    Listen, call the doctor please. Don't let me talk down to you and tell you to wait...if you feel worse on the med...than he needs to me off of it...
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    45 Days Strong - No Smoking

    ;) Thank you everyone. It means a lot...
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    45 Days Strong - No Smoking

    Hey everyone, I just thought I would update you all on the fact that I have not smoked in almost 45 days. Whooo hooo. I played tennis for the 1st time last night in like forever....without getting out of breath. :occasion:
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    Sex Drive and PTSD

    Hey, I am on effxor and my sex drive (which is a joke after effxor...more like sex walk...or is gone! Nothing... I find that at certain times...(near my period) my sex drive peeks...but...even still it's almost nothing. It was effxor.....nothing I can do about it... Try talking...
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    Feeling Horrid

    Thank you for all your replies to what I wrote. I find it soothing and very helpful to here what people have to say....... I won't lie....I am worried....I do still live in this fear...the shadow of my mother.... I am TRYING not too...that's all I can do right now. Geneva
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    Feeling Horrid

    So I debated on writing this for a while for a number of reasons but mostly because it takes an amazing amount of energy explain what happen. So the other day I went to a mental examination for social security and it went really normal until I with my huge mouth asked the doctor at the end...
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    LGBT (Lesbian ,Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender) People with PTSD : LGBT (Lesbian ,Gay, Bi-Sexual and

    I don't know...let me think about
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    What Is Your Understanding of Love?

    Love is something that can't be put down in words really...we can try wont ever work really. You FEEL love. You know it when you feel's like nothing ever... When someone loves you or you love someone...or both at the same time hopefully ;) you don't question certain...
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    How Do You All Handle The Dark?

    I didn't read through all of these so I am not sure if what I am going to suggest has been written, so forgive me if it has. I say...why sleep in total darkness!? You are a grown can have a night light if you want! If you can handle it I would say ...sleep with a radio very...
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    Drawing a Boundry - Lost a Friend

    I know how that is to be on either end of your issues. There is a really fine line sometimes ...and then agian sometimes the line is very clear. I am happy you helped can be hard, esp. when you think you might hurt someone else you know?
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    What Are You Grateful For Today?

    My wife and my being able to see through the "storm..."
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    I feel like shit. I want meds that work and money to get them. I don't want to do laundry today...or any other day for that matter.. gah...