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    Had A Dream I Killed Myself

    Ok, so amongst all the other nightmares I had a dream last night that I shot myself in the head. This freaked me out, and wondering if anyone has an interpretation. I have been feeling overwhelmed with the nightmares I've been having, but I would never kill myself. I would never do that to my...
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    Guilt After Talking About Past Abuse

    So I had an appointment with T this past week, and I finally talked to her about some of the stuff that happened between me and my coach when I was younger. I'm kind of in a desperate place right now, because I told her with the hope that my nightmares would back off. That has not happened yet...
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    How Do You Talk About Trauma?

    piratelady, I can so relate to what you are talking about. The way I think about it, when I am in session with my T I have no idea how to bring up the trauma. She sort of hints toward talking about it, and I'm like what's to talk about?! (When really there's everything to talk about since I...
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    Starting To Consider I Need To Talk About This

    Wow guys. Thanks for all your support. It's actually cool to think that I told somebody, even if its the internet! Brad1980, my therapist is actually a counselor from my college. I'm graduating though, and she offered to continue to see me outside of school. I like her and think she's been...
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    Starting To Consider I Need To Talk About This

    Trigger warning**** At least I think that is what you are supposed to write when talking about disturbing shit. I'm new to this on-line thing, but please don't read if you are trying to stay away from this sort of thing. I posted in another thread about not talking in therapy, and I think I...
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    Confused About Therapy

    Lol, impending anxiety. True that! I think I get what you are saying though. It's like I know what happened was wrong, but instinctively in my head I still think of it as an accepted way of living. Then when I think about bringing it up to T, then I'm like wait should I be complaining about...
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    Confused About Therapy

    Thank you :-) I think I'm going to try and be more open the next time I go. If it happens then maybe it's just going to be a long process, or maybe I need to find a new T. Rumors I understand what you are saying about trust issues. I have zero reason not to trust my T, but find myself doing so...
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    Confused About Therapy

    Hi Anthony, thanks for your reply. I just never thought it would be so hard to talk about this stuff. And I honestly think that I need to. I plan to when I go there, but shut down pretty much instantly. Is that normal? I feel like I have no reference to tell from. Sighhhhhhh. Ok so stepping up...
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    Confused About Therapy

    Hi, I just joined here. About 6 months ago I went to a therapist for first time ever, and was just about scared shitless and ran away as quick as I could. About 2 months went by where the reasons I initially wanted to pursue therapy became worse, and so I went back. I have since been in therapy...