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    Therapist Becomes Emotional?

    Spent the entire session discussing what happened last week. Glad I did, as I learned a bit. Just because I can't cry without experiencing extreme devastation, doesn't mean that others only cry when faced with similar problems. Others may cry easier than some, just expressing another...
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    Therapist Becomes Emotional?

    You're right about therapists being human. I guess after seeing him for so long, I forget that. I begin to believe that he has "everything under control", and I become envious of such control-even if it is fiction. My emotions were so confusing that I just didn't know what to say or do! I...
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    Therapist Becomes Emotional?

    Anyone ever have their therapist get emotional (shed a tear or two), while you are talking about a frustrating situation you are experiencing? When I asked him why he started to shed a tear or two, he said that it was because he is also experiencing a similar situation at this time. I felt...
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    I feel disgusted (is that a valid feeling?) with myself. Just can't win. Anyway, I thought I was feeling a little more self assured, until my mother commented that I am too thin, my face doesn't glow, my hair doesn't shine anymore, and "older" people look terrible if they are too skinny. This...
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    Changing To A Different Therapist

    I started out with a Therapist who was a certified social worker. After a few years, she referred me to a psychiatrist for medication adjustments. I saw him every two weeks for what started as 1/2 hour, but graduated into an hour each time. We started out mainly discussing the medication...
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    Poll Do You Have the Urge to Run When Upset?

    Boy, do I hear you there Lost! I am in the midst of running away from my T-I canceled this week's appt too. I use the money aspect whenever I can-to "justify" my not going to therapy and "saving" a few dollars. Anything to rationalize my running away tendency. But I am calming down, and...
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    Poll Do You Have the Urge to Run When Upset?

    Always. I am finding out (with therapy), that is how I have handled all relationships once I feel threatened. As soon as something is said that triggers my fear of abandonment, I'm the first one to go. That basically applies to every friend relationship I have ever had. Gotta run away from...
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    Poll Do You Sleep With Alot Of Covers?

    Definitely yes! Regardless of temperature. To comfortably fall asleep, I have to have my comforter over my exposed ear. It is like a security blanket. I like the reference to it being "a nest"-a cocoon-safe nor
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    My Grandson

    Oh Lisa! Just saw your posting about your new grandson!! (Been away for awhile) Many many Congratulations!!!!!!!!! That is simply wonderful and the picture of him is so precious!!! How very exciting to start being a part of a brand new life..... I can still see my son as a newborn, and...
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    Private Area Access

    Anthony, Does this affect our trauma diaries at all? Will everything be wiped out when you do the security update? nor
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    What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

    ok-according to my T there are 4 categories of "feelings" Sad, Glad, Mad, Fear Not sure where "feeling" emotionally sick falls in-but that's where I am at. Unfortunately, the emotional sickness is spilling over into the physical area too.
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    In Treatment on HBO

    Oh yes! I have become addicted to watching it. There are some sessions that really hit home. The final episodes are this week (Wed-Friday). Interesting to see how they will wrap everything up with everyone. Like "therapy" can be accomplished in a couple of sessions! Ha! I also enjoy seeing...
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    Happy Birthday Nor!

    Thanks Cecilia--you too!
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    Happy Birthday Nor!

    Oh my goodness! As I was going through the site, looking for an old thread I couldn't find, I found this one!! WOW! I didn't know you had all wished me Happy Birthday back in October! Many thanks to you all-truly....thank you nor
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    Poll Do You Fidget?

    Constantly-swinging my leg back and forth, wringing my hands, used to pull at my ear until someone was rude with a remark about it-so I stopped that one. Constantly rubbing my feet back and forth on each other (with legs crossed, of course). Even as I go to sleep at night, I need to rub my feet...
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    Transference Or Real?

    LL, your interpretation is directly on the discussion. Supposedly, everyone's past will influence their daily responses. Some people's responses are more intense than others. The others may work through the immediate response, but I think that the intense responses felt by people with PTSD, are...
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    Trust With Your Therapist - Or Not?

    oh nic, I am so sorry she made you feel so intrusive. I brought that up to my T as well-asking him personal stuff. And he simply stated that if he didn't want to answer, he would simply say so. I told him that his response would be a rejection, and would hurt. And I would be embarrassed for...
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    Trust With Your Therapist - Or Not?

    Unfortunately, I'm taking this thread too much to heart. It reminds me of what I was incessently taught as I grew up. I, too, am slowly chipping away at the wall. My father's big philosophy for everything, has always been "Shit or get off the pot". And I kind of hear that here. I have...
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    How Do People Respond To Your Trauma/Post-Trauma?

    Well, the only "people" who know about any of the initial trauma, insist that it didn't happen to me. Period. My family. My sister absolutely, positively insists (and has everyone convinced), that SHE and my uncle's daughter, were the only ones "sacrificed" to him for the abuse. I just admitted...
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    What Is Your Understanding of Love?

    I was brought up to understand love as an act of caring for those around you. Being of service, without any negative feelings. Cooking, cleaning, putting up with everyone's abuse without showing any effect. Being totally compliant with the person you are supposed to love. Not giving them any...
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    Transference Or Real?

    You are so right! I continue to refuse to validate what is going on between my therapist and myself. Instead, I feel at times, that he is manipulating me to include him in all my experiences. Then, to probe me about what it is I feel. It is very scary. I usually shut down, become very apologetic...
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    Beyond PTSD Introductions - Who Are You?

    I love this thread! Eventually, I will contribute too-just need some time. But it is wonderful meeting all of you! nor
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    Transference Or Real?

    Thanks Roo, those kind words are also very helpful. I interpret you as saying, a person has to just admit that we are shaped by our past experiences. We then need to realize that there will be times when you must trust yourself that you aren't reliving the moment of trauma. That the person you...
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    Transference Or Real?

    "And no matter the impetus, new or old, the feeling is always very real and needs to be respected as such." That is what my T is trying to get across to me, but I just can't do it. I now categorize all the feelings as inappropriate, and unworthy of attention because they are probably related...