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    Tactile flashbacks? Body memory?

    I may be off point here but when I have a graphic nightmare I won’t remember any part of the dream but I’ll hear a single gunshot, it’s a very specific sound because report when your being fired on sounds very very different. I’ll wake up with my respiratory system under stress, and completely...
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    Do you ever feel like an anomaly to even those who suffer from ptsd...?

    Thank you for your responses, I’ve been in one of my moods for the past few months and I apologize for the late response. I feel as though my above post kind of skirted around the main topic, after the last session with my therapist she agreed that telling some of my story may be something...
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    Do you ever feel like an anomaly to even those who suffer from ptsd...?

    I’ve made it an unusual habit of cheating death, I’ve almost been killed on several occasions (5 to be exact) and for reasons unknown I’m still here (so much for Darwinism). I can honestly say that statistically speaking I’m an anomaly, it makes me feel completely alone, unique, or a freak of...
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    When/how did you decide you were unfit to return to work b/c of ptsd?

    I guess I was the recipient of good and bad timing in regards to when I finally felt like my chances for re-employment were nil to none. I had been dealing with functional PTSD since 2007 and was able to fake my way through it for the last 9 years of a 25 years military career. I was the...
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    Advice to stand up for myself

    I often also take the passive way out of situations just because I’m mature enough not to indulge idiocy. I often find myself obsessing over word exchanges hours or even days after it happens. In the grand scheme of things the path of least resistance is usually the least stressful, engaging...
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    People who criticize folks who are on disability?

    People’s perception and comments always pisses me off, however I always wonder how much of that is imaginary paranoia on my end. In the end I just see it as jealousy, most people think you should work until 62 or whatever and when they see people who appear able bodied their feeble understanding...
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    Sufferer Vet w/ptsd saying hello...!

    I really don’t know why I’m here, I’ve been in therapy off and on since 2007, been on and off meds since that time and always find myself back to the same dark hopeless place. Maybe talking anonymously will help, I’m sure there are a few people as phucked up as I am, yet I always feel alone and...