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    dammit it hurts

    I don’t pretend to have the perfect words to say just that I lost a good friend recently to suicide that felt the way you do. All I can say is we are all in the this together and are broken. We all deserve love and grace and are worth it. Prayers
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    Sufferer Hello - Former Police Officer

    Yes! Some of my best friends were/are dispatchers and I always knew they got it. But often, they were among those forgot about in regards to mental health. It seems as if that is changing now which is great!
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    Sufferer Hello - Former Police Officer

    Hello, I am a former police officer (23 years) that struggles with PTSD anxiety, anger, depression etc. I had a long time co worker recently kill himself and he has 5 kids. That’s when I knew I wanted to reach out to others suffering to help them and help me at the same time.