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    Utterly overwhelmed by the idea of looking for work

    I definitely have thought about that. Sadly, looking for those jobs I'm over qualified for is still a source of stress. I'll keep a look out and try to keep an open mind.
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    Utterly overwhelmed by the idea of looking for work

    So I have been unemployed for over three years. I need a job and have some plans to move forward but I'd like some feedback and/or advice about my situation. I'll give some background to explain how I got to where I am now, so this will be a bit long. I'd like to start a conversation here to...
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    Sufferer Sharing my story & looking for connections

    I love Patrick Teahan! He's been a big source of insight for me as well! Also, as I'm 40 now, and in a nearly two year hiatus from my parents, this story really strikes a chord. It can be so disheartening/disorienting to realize that the people who raised us didn't actually know how to care for...
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    Sufferer Hi, I'm Kayla - New Grad, dx’d 5 years ago from sex trafficking & childhood trauma. Survival mode?

    I've spent most of my life in survival mode. It happened because my body and mind were finding ways to cope with dangerous and neglectful parents, so in a way I have to thank my little self for doing his best to protect me. It has been terribly disruptive to my relationships and ability to...
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    Cold Mother - Could that be enough to cause trust issues in an adult?

    I have similar issues with my mother. She has always been very sweet and kind, but only up to a certain emotional point at which she shuts down. I read an enlightening book, "Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents", and it really helped put a lot into perspective. If people are not...
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    Sufferer A lifetime of depression and anxiety finally understood as CPTSD

    Greetings from the dissociated realm of CPTSD! I imagine some of you know it well... Here I am at nearly 40, still struggling to find a place for myself in this chaos we call existence. But after hearing about CPTSD a couple years ago and pursuing the intense journey of learning more, my life...