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    Poll Do You Feel Guilty For PTSD Related Behaviour?

    I answered sometimes. My past guilt, Anthony puts it better than I could. However, the biggest guilt I have is the burden I will put on family and friends, and even society, as my physical symptoms get worse. But I guess that is not so much about the PTSD? and more about the physical...
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    Back After so Long - Things Took a Turn

    Hi Mortiss. Sounds like your having it a bit rough right now. I had a cycle late last year that lasted about 2 months. Started with me giving up my meds, including effexor, and ended up with me drunk in Cuba. Had left the boyfriend, the responsibilities, and everyone who gave a nickle about...
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    General Found The Man Who Molested My Daughter.

    Oh I miss it too. I would tell you what village but they might think i`m using bad language. lol. That might tip you off to it. I do try to get back for regatta each year. Good luck to you, and your family. I hope you all find peace in this. Jill
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    General Found The Man Who Molested My Daughter.

    Yes, my son, I am. It is such a small world. If that is where this happened, I think there are several govt funds now to help support the suffers from Mount Cashel I proudly hail from the rock as well. Small village close to trinity bay. Moved to NB for docs and better technology.
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    General Found The Man Who Molested My Daughter.

    Congrats on your untiring efforts. Although I am not a parent I would say its our responsability to protect the children he might come in contact with. Disgusting that he can still be allowed to preach. We had a big blow up in Newfoundland Canada with priests. the scale was huge. One good thing...
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    Will You Find Some Measure of Peace in This Life?

    some peace of mind I love those brief moments, I call them my moments of sanity. ANd I love the way Roo discribes it. My moments of sanity, or peace, dont seem to laste very long, something always creeps in, distracts me. But that is what keeps me going. Keeps me working at making me...
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    General What To Do In Times Of Desperation?

    hi. Well said Jim I have watched others do it, I have seen it dozens of times (Dad and brother were army too). I dont think I have ever seen anyone it looked easy for. I find it very similar to my bad habit of disasociating, thinking in facts instead of emotions. Lexie, maybe there is...
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    General My Boyfriend - Separated Now

    Hi neverforget Good for you, I am glad you are getting some help to get through it. Is it possible to get him to go with you to see a T, or to see a different one? But I agree with Spirit, take care of yourself. You will love again, and you will be loved.
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    I Got Two Job Offers Today!

    way to go upstream. Congrats!
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    Phantom Pain / Spinal Chord Stimulator

    they are very big risks. only 50% chance of anything happening at all. very big risk of paralysis. Might even give more pain. I am just left with not much option. The pain is at times unbearable, and nothing else has worked. Meds forever? I don't know, just hoping something might give.
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    Insomnia or Too Much Sleep?

    love the song. have it now in my ipod to walk with. update on activity: I have dilegently been walking. Although, if I am honest Anthony, there are days I just cant get the hour in, I am that exhausted. But I walk every day, same time, rain or shine. or snow. I am still sleeping much...
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    Phantom Pain / Spinal Chord Stimulator

    This following is an excerpt from a website stop pain . org "Phantom Pain The patient's arms or legs are usually involved, but CRPS may affect any part of the body, such as the face or trunk. In some patients, many different areas of the body are affected. CRPS can be progressive (meaning that...
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    Someone Who Doesn't Deserve to Feel Like This!

    HI Wayne, welcome. You certainly have a way with words. I live far away from you, so I dont know anyone in Chicago. However, this forum I have found to be very comforting and educational.
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    New Member - On-Duty Trauma

    Hey Bulldog, great name. sounds like you are being very brave and strong telling us about this. No loser in those words. Its very theraputic and a big step. Glad you found this site too, there are many people here who care, and someone always has some good advice to offer. welcome!
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    New Hello - Sadistic Sex Abuse

    Hi and welcome. Not similar trauma's. but i bet we have alot of symptoms the same now. Funny how that works. You will find a ton of great stuff in here. And alot of beautiful people willing to try to help.
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    I Get to Take Riding Lessons

    Congrats, horses are a ton of fun. Literally.
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    New Here - Raped in my Own House

    Hi and welcome. You are right, hard and tiring discribe it well for my struggles. But here's to the good days!
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    New Member - Misdiagnosed as Bipolar

    hi and welcome. luv the name too.
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    General Thank You and Good Bye

    Maybe recognizing her triggers, or cycles, will make things different. Good for you. Men can be funny, trying to 'fix' things. Dont put so much pressure on yourself, sounds like you are doing great. It's so nice to hear people talk about love. You know that feeling you are talking about? It...
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    Not Usually Lost For Words

    hi and welcome Hi Big step to go get dl. Congrats. I hope you do what the instructor said, and try again soon. Thinking positive toughts for you. I am lucky in family. They dont understand, at all, and it was hard at first. I had to move away because of my mom being here too much, and I...
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    General Thank You and Good Bye

    It is great that you realize its not about you, but her. I am sure your Appointment at the T will help to her to realize how she can say what she needs to in a less confrontational way. Not about a win or loose, its about partnership. Good for you for being so open to her pain. It sounds like...
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    Scared to Post

    Hello and Welcome I have found it becomes easier every time. The great thing is that you can be as anonymis as you need. Great step!
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    IBS Do you suffer extreme physical symptoms besides gastrointestinal, etc?

    Extreme Phantom Pain and night terrors First, I have been told by my pain specialist that memory and cognative problems can be caused by PTSD, the meds I have to take, or the extra daily stresses. I have just had to come to terms with the fact that I cant remember a thing and carry a notebook...