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    The News; Are You Triggered? And Can You Cope With It?

    I won't get into the power of the media isssue or anything else beyond the fact- it's a proven fact that watching television images of graphic stories is extremely harmful. After 9/11 and Katrina, there was a massive influx of people attending counseling who had nothing to do with either...
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    Anybody Been In Group Therapy?

    Patrick- I was scared off my ass going into a group setting and now I really look forward to it. I've never ever had to tell my story in detail, never felt like I had to justify being there, or scream that my story/events were worse than anyone else. If it's a good group, led by an educated...
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    I never really thought about it but for me, Kunoichi is right. I was always embarrassed to go out to eat or be one on one with someone because of the shaking. The more I accepted it as part of my life for now, the more I was able to get out of my shell. Having wonderful, understanding friends...
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    Mine started about 2 years ago. At first I started having little facial ticks...eyes mostly and very subtle. The higher my stress level got, the more it spread. Now my knees and hands are my biggest points and I don't even realize it until someone points them out. I've learned to breathe...
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    How Much Do I Tell My Son?

    Thanks to all for the advice. He also sees a psychologist and she believes he's just too smart to avoid talking about things. The biggest thing she stresses to us is making sure he knows none of this is his fault so that is one way we'll definately have to approach it. I'm going to buy a...
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    Big Group Hug

    Thanks Cragger. The frustration gets to me too because I've never been the slow and steady type. I want to beat this and be done. A post like this reminds me to take it easy, appreciate I found this forum, and there are people out there that know what I'm going through. Thanks!!!:Hug_emoticon:
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    Columbine Survivor

    I was there as part of the media covering it. I can't tell you how sorry I am for the way we treated the event. The shooting changed my life and caused much of my PTSD. You have found a wonderful place where people understand and you'll have the support you need. Yes, when you're ready...we...
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    How Much Do I Tell My Son?

    I hope to be leaving this coming week for a special PTSD program in another state. The treatment generally lasts 3 weeks. When I was hospitalized 2 years ago for a few days we told my son I was helping a sick friend. Now he is 7, very intuitive and extremely intelligent. My husband and I are...
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    Need Advice on Theory of PTSD Towards Soldiers

    Karma---- I guess my experience has usually been that people are addressing the original post unless otherwise stated. Putting the name is just great advice ...thanks much.
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    Need Advice on Theory of PTSD Towards Soldiers

    Karma- I didn't even read your responses. My comments and thoughts, except for those where I directly addressed Becvan, were totally toward the original post, the thesis, and Joey Padula. I tend not to get into the high emotions of any posts or the people behind them but jumping on ass was...
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    Need Advice on Theory of PTSD Towards Soldiers

    I re-read the post now a few times and agree with wihat Becvan said. I also want to point out that many of the generalizations you have made are false. No matter how many tours a soldier does, it does NOT guarantee that they will get PTSD. The US government is doing studies on that very...
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    Need Advice on Theory of PTSD Towards Soldiers

    I see the moral implications as part of each soldier's struggle but not the predominate reason for PTSD. Maybe research the numbers on how many vets from Vietnam are suspected to have PTSD vs those of the last 6-10 years. Why? Because I believe that those who voluntarily chose the military in...
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    Posting To Trauma Diaries

    I've had success using my diary. I found with journaling I would re-read it and then not like what I wrote. I ended up just deleting it. This doesn't help me go back and find thought patterns like I've been told to do. Also, the member support and prespectives I get are soooo valuable to me...
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    Vent: Stubborn People Suck!

    So my 7 yr old just had a soccer game today and they lost like 30-1. Our coach and parents were very upset by the lack of sportsmanship the other team and coach showed by not moving out their best players and her staying on the field to coach when the game was already in the bag. So at the end...
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    What To Try For Sleeping Issues?

    I take 3 different meds to sleep so I won't give advice. I have noticed when I do even light exercise it helps some. But for me it has to be hours before bed or it makes things worse. Sorry I can't help more.
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    Medications For Teens?

    I too will respond because this is a child and it sounds like there are similarities to my case, reactions and habits-- My drs all talk with each other because I use their different therapies in different ways. So keep up the consultations. A 14 yr old boy is a tough nut to crack in any case...
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    Yup...bottom of the dark well with no flashlight and some jackas* just threw the rope down that you were supposed to use to climb out. I know that too well (so to speak) Now I think of it as my friends all linking together to help me out. Friends, family, kids I coach, doctors. Sometimes...
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    Anthony Is Alive

    There is no better therapy than banging the living shi# out of a nail! I'll pay for him to fly across the pond to work on my basement. Lord knows my husband won't do it!
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    PTSD Specific Treatment Centers

    Yes, I am in treatment with 4 drs that specialize in trauma and PTSD. I do about 3 hours of therapy a week for the last 2 years. I know this is a slow process and am ok with that. I guess my thoughts are this: 1) I would like to try EMDR and other therapies we don't do now. 2) It is hard...
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    PTSD Specific Treatment Centers

    I think I've reached a new point where I need/want more intensive therapy. The hospital I was in when this all started was fine for stabilizing me and diagnosis but I was lumped in with all the psychiatrict patients. I was very out of place having no other mental health problems and no...
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    Maybe Not As Crazy As We Thought

    The more therapy I go to, the more I talk to people, the more I realize the word "normal" should never be used in context toward people. Maybe we should just use the word human. The people I'm in group therapy with are all successful adults with loving families. But they have issues just like...
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    What Are You Angry About?

    I'm just getting into an anger stage I think. Not really toward my family but definately toward my company and former boss. I'm pisse# at the narrow-minded, self-centered, because of business reasons crap they spout when I have questions. Angry at the fact they have no idea what they've done...
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    PTSD Widow Seeking Advice

    Jam- I'm sorry that you and your husband's service to your community ended that way. Sweeping it under the rug seems to be the standard for first responders and most of the corporations in America. I advise meeting with a lawyer also. Because of the way my company handles stress and trauma...
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    A Few Hours of 'Normal' Activity

    Fun is GREAT!!! I decided to coach my son's baseball team last spring when I was at the rock bottom of my was the best decision I could've made! My assistant coaches took care of the parent aspects and I just focused on playing with the kids. I got so much out of it and at the...
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    Everything is New - Relearning After Trauma

    I think all of us are in the same boat in some way but I'll only speak for myself: I have had my entire world turned upside down by this. My therapy is teaching me (or trying) to see things completely differently, feel, react, accept....hell there's too much to even write. But yes, I feel...