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    Anxiety, Loneliness, and Emotional Exhaustion

    That's what my therapist said, try and find more options, middleground. It's difficult and very scary. I have started traveling and being away for one-two weeks. I think that's a good start. I don't physically live with my parents. They live in the opposite flat. Made this shift last year...
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    Anxiety, Loneliness, and Emotional Exhaustion

    I don't know. I understand how it has been the common route to navigate this problem and in past, it worked too - to a certain degree, when I went away to study at University for three - four years, I discovered a lot of me then and healed too. Lot of things broke down too after university - my...
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    Anxiety, Loneliness, and Emotional Exhaustion

    Sorry, did not understand.. leaving from where I live currently you mean?
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    Anxiety, Loneliness, and Emotional Exhaustion

    it takes so much, so much effort to reach out to people. To just call friends and have a conversation. It's very difficult for me to initiate these conversations. I still tried today. I keep trying once in a while, everytime I find headspace. To call people I could have a good conversation...
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    Defences showing up when they don't need to

    In my therapy session today, somethings came up. First - feelings of anger, jealousy, sadness which I have experienced with respect to my past relationships with friends, family and romantically - before I understood what my own boundaries and non-negotiables are. Now ..i am really struggling...
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    Why do I feel so intense all the time? I get super emotionally attached at the very initial stages.

    I talked to my school friend about relationships today. It was very strange because - at twenty seven I have zero dating experience and he mentioned that he has slept with almost thirty women. It's just awkwardly strange. Because I get super emotionally attached at the very initial stages...
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    I will get through this - Anxious and overwhelmed after a small fight with my father.

    Feeling anxious and overwhelmed after a small fight with my father. He is bitter at times when I stop being the caregiver to him. I am trying really hard to build boundaries. These boundaries end up feeling like a prison because I am so used to being a caregiver and it gets awfully lonely and...
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    What does my inner child seeks?

    Have you tried building physical boundaries with your family
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    Should I take more risk when I feel scared?

    So, this girl I really liked asked me yesterday to join for trip. I feel excited and overwhelmed. What if I start getting CPTSD related emotional flashbacks again - what will I do then? These flashbacks make me feel very abandoned and needy too and I feel I need someone to take care of me in...
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    Is it okay to stay at home all day?

    I live with my brother and currently he is travelling for the next ten days. I have not really stepped out since Saturday, I did go out yesterday to watch a movie but today I have been just binging on Shark Tank India. Is that okay? Usually when I am home alone I experience a high libido too and...
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    What are healthy relationships like?

    I don't like the warts on my neck. Ig you are right though.
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    What are healthy relationships like?

    Notes from Therapy: Barriers to pursuing healthy relationship and what are healthy relationships? 1.) i abandoned the relationship before allowing other to abandoned me, so i can have agency 2. ) i expect my partner to assume the role of caretaker and myself of a child 3.) romaticism 4.) fear...
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    Relationship Cptsd relationship end

    I don't know, I feel awful because I am a man with CPTSD. And while I have never been in a relationship, women I have gotten close to emotionally have shared feedback that I become very needy and pressurising. I feel so aghast, I never thought while being in so much pain myself, I was causing...
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    I feel lost

    So since the past one week, I have been feeling very sleepy and drowsy. It could be because of my Ayurvedic meds or I don't know, there is a sudden lack of interest I feel in everything and just I want to keep sleeping. I did have a goal for myself for this month, to lost at least 5kg weight but...
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    All I need is love

    8:14 AM Notes from Therapy: What helps me when I feel overwhelmed/ in a state of panic/ abandoned? How does idealism affect my behaviour and emotional life? ______ After having panic attacks a couple of times every year, I have figured some of the triggers: it usually involves me...
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    Will anyone stay, ever?

    By "ever" I only meant if someone will be in a relationship with me - because it always end before that. I am only good enough as a best friend. Nothing more than that. Saving this. So I don't keep staying in my past.
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    Will anyone stay, ever?

    Notes from therapy: By looking for a caretaker in a partner, you are trying to find ways to fix your past, your childhood. You cannot fix your past, the key is to be in the present moment. My fears are holding me back, they keep my needs to feel belonged and aspiration on hold. My...
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    Is it normal to feel triggered after creating boundaries?

    So recently I told this girl that I had been seeing that I should stop talking to her because there is a huge mismatch with respect to how we feel towards each other. She was happy to have me around as a friend, I seek for more and I did not want her to start feeling pressurised because of that...
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    What does my inner child seeks?

    I don't have a lot of strength - to put alphabets together into words, words into sentences. It feels awfully tiring. I was doing well today morning, got up, made my breakfast, masturbated - completed morning work related tasks. And then suddenly because anxiety had taken a back seat, I...
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    Should I put in more efforts?

    Inensity mismatch - umm she struggled to talk about emotions I was feeling when we decided to part ways, about how I wanted to be with her so much (I guess she did too and she tried to hide it) and then she got scared because I got so upset. I get upset when someone I start falling in love...
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    Should I put in more efforts?

    I understand... Thank you for sharing 🥺 I doubt if she will talk to me again - I have decided to pause for now because I continue to feel overwhelmed and that is a lot for her so... I don't know why she could not. It should be my homework to do. You are right. My brain just keep trying to...
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    Should I put in more efforts?

    Do you all believe in "the one" - the gut feeling of knowing that this person is the right partner for you? The person I have been romantically involved with since September 2023 feels just right, they tick all the checkboxes and it was so emotionally healthy. And a part of me continues to feel...
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    Frequent Masturbation...Is it okay?

    Yes 🥰