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    Other Functional Neurological Disorder

    Yes, I also have FND (Conversion Disorder). Yes, those with DID often have FND as well. I think of FND this way: If you squeeze a balloon, the air inside is displaced. A bulge appears elsewhere in the balloon. Well, those of us with DID carry so much pain and try to hide so many memories from...
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    DID Bar Exam + DID

    Sorry, I am not able to edit my post. Let me just add that all the 'fun' alters have been integrated. There are apparently only two alters left. One is a very angry adult. The other is a frightened little child who does not seem able to hear me when I speak. The child does not come out very...
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    DID Bar Exam + DID

    My little animals and a certain very special child are now integrated. I loved them so much! Which is probably why they merged with me first. Once in a very great while I can get a tiny tiny inkling that perhaps Hunter Puppy might be around somewhere, but that inkling is like a very pale shadow...
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    DID Bar Exam + DID

    Hi Sideways, I am close to coming out of the DID 'bottle.' While that is a good thing, it is really really hard to sit in the present all of the time without alters to buffer reality for me. And there are no longer any specialized parts to take exams for me. So, even though I am happy to have...
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    Is this derealization?

    No, this is not derealization. Derealization means that suddenly the world around you - and everyone, everything within it - suddenly feels very far away. Sort of like you are looking at something far out at sea with binoculars.
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    Dissociation and sex

    No, this does not mean some poor stranger will be next in line for needing therapy. We are not talking about vicious attacks perpetrated upon strangers. We are talking about a mythical person (male or female) who experienced a childhood trauma unconsciously replicating his or her trauma in a...
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    Weird problem: My Dissociation is Broken

    Yup. Deep, vibrant daydreams are my favorite dissociative 'trick.' I have running daydreams that I can pick up at any time of the day or night. It's sort of like turning on a TV set and watching my favorite show. Some of mine go all the way back to childhood.
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    Seeking Healing and Support After Disturbing Meeting Experience - was it a bad disassociation?

    That's a form of dissociation. Whatever was happening at the union meeting was just too much for you to handle - perhaps reminded you too closely of child abuse - and so you distanced yourself from the situation. You were there but yet not quite there. This is not a bad thing. You were just...
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    Dissociation and sex

    Yes, it is an issue of control for many survivors. When we were kids, whether we were sexually abused or not, some of us did not have adequate control over our lives. Now, as adults, we need to be in control whenever possible. And for those of us who were sexually abused as children, we most...
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    Coping with Disconnected Memories and Sudden Realizations

    Hi Kay, Well, that does sound like dissociation: cycling in and out of traumatic memories. When this happens to me, I remind myself that I dissociated my traumatic memories in childhood for a reason. Meaning, my mind knew I could not handle all of those memories, so my mind shut them all down...
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    DID Bar Exam + DID

    OH, my. I am recovering from DID and due to take my bar exam in February. Has anyone ever been in this position? Are there special 'tricks' of the trade for this sort of situation?
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    Sufferer Registered Sex Offender And Counselor?!

    Hello All, I was on this site back in 2016 under the name BuckarooBanzai. Back then, I engaged in a 12 page litany with many of you about my brother, a registered sex offender and now an unlicensed doctoral level therapist. The thread is still available on this site. Well. Here I am in 2024...