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    DDNOS DDNOS - trying to understand parts. Finding this difficult.

    Have you thought about or looked into the theory of Structural Dissociation? It might be a more helpful framework.
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    Can you get PTSD from really horrible nightmares?

    That link doesn't take me to the study you named. Is there a better link?
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    Can you get PTSD from really horrible nightmares?

    Is there some proof of this that I can show my counselor?
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    Can you get PTSD from really horrible nightmares?

    I want to know if it is possible to get PTSD from terrible recurring nightmares. I have had these nightmares since I was a child, and I've become obsessed with them. They are destroying my life. But when I tell my counselor at school, they only say that bad dreams can't count as trauma...
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    Kicked out of program - looking to chat

    I'm hearing you.
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    @Maximus - is this a feeling you only experience towards your husband?
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    Other Autist

    I'm curious to hear more about the brain fog, @lillesnille - since 'brain fog' is one of those concepts that is often hard to describe - I'm wondering, what does it feel like physically? Also am curious to hear more about your food sensitivities and how they affect you physically.
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    UPDATED : What am I doing wrong? Any success stories with humanistic, person centred psychotherapy?

    She has told you that your relationship is as friends; she is not your therapist. I'm not saying she's handled herself well - but it seems clear from what you're describing that it would be good for you to work with a therapist, and she's not your therapist. It also sounds like it's hard for...
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    News Raising awareness about Depersonalisation Disorder

    @Pattz - I've approved your posting, but removed the petitions. You're welcome to have posted to raise awareness; anything beyond that violates our policies against promotion and advertising.
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    Sufferer I’m scared

    Welcome to the forum, @All alone - I'm glad you took the step to join the site and post. Sometimes just knowing that you're not alone in these feelings can help - not make it all better, but relieve just a little bit of the pressure. I understand that you don't want to talk with someone...
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    Addiction to iPad; leaving for awhile

    That's OK, @Maximus - at the end of the day, everything we do is so we can live our lives fully - and sometimes getting away from the computer is a big part of that. Take care of yourself, and the site will be here if you ever need it.
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    Stressful Work Environment

    Hi KeepGoing17 - I've moved your thread to our Employment, Education, and Disability area. Can you explain this more? I don't understand why being in class relates, or why a girl was in where?
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    Assault Starting with a simple trauma that will help people get to know me better

    ADMIN NOTE: Members are allowed to post as guests, but members are only allowed one account. You currently hold more than one membership account. Please log in and write to me at Contact Us so we can resolve that issue. Thank you.
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    Relationship I really hurt a friend with PTSD, and I could use some advice

    You aren't the rapist. So it can't be your fault. And your friend isn't the rapist either, so it's not your friend's fault. The only person who can be assigned blame here is the rapist. Because everything else? Is a result of that event.
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    I Started Taking Inositol and it is Really Helping Me

    That's really great, @EveHarrington - I'm also curious to hear how it goes. And I'm glad it's giving you some relief.
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    General A question for anyone having to live with CPTSD

    So she's on the Schizophrenia spectrum? As in, she has ongoing psychosis? Based on the behavior you've described, she is not going in and out of being ill, depending on whether she's triggered or not. She's ill, full stop. There might be PTSD somewhere in there, but it's probably not at...
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    EMDR side effects?

    Ah, I understand - thanks for clarifying, @Amiga. I think there are too many variables to give any accurate estimate...some people find that it can work extremely quickly. If you're dealing with multiple severe traumas, it can be a longer process.
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    EMDR side effects?

    Are you talking about EMDR therapy?
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    Relationship When it's time to leave

    What you are perceiving as loving and gentle may, in fact, not be that at all. Her pathology could include her over-correcting after she's exploded. Yes, but bigger than that. Yes - and this is actually the core of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Simply put: she has experienced traumatic...
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    Living with abusive parents

    Are you in danger of physical abuse?
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    General A question for anyone having to live with CPTSD

    Do you know for certain that she doesn't go after the others as well?
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    Loneliness after a trauma anniversary

    Happy to help - and don't get down on yourself about it. Really, this is something I think a lot of us have to remember to do. When there are people in your life who know you've struggled, but they haven't been there for every step of your recovery - they don't have a context for where you're...
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    Loneliness after a trauma anniversary

    You might find it really rewarding to cultivate these relationships. The truth is - people are often uncomfortable hearing about trauma. They don't want to say something wrong, they don't know what to say, they feel responsible for somehow being helpful...whether you're looking for help, or...
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    Hearing someone (a counselor) repeat what I said sounds very different

    There's something about hearing someone else say the thing you just said...I don't know why it has the effect it does, but that's definitely an experience I've had as well. Not necessarily being able to see how bad something is - just that my perspective on the statement changed dramatically...