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    Trying To Conceive And Too Much Stress

    I am TTC (Trying to conceive/trying to have a baby). I have been trying for 7 months with my husband. I can't get pregnant and I think part of it is because I am always stressed.always. I just can't calm down! I haven't been on any meds because I don't want to get pregnant while on them. I am...
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    Ptsd Triggers Over The Years: Worse Or Better, Why?

    I feel that I am better at consoling myself when I am triggered. My PTSD is from domestic violence, so since I got married to another man, I feel like I am safe and that I don't get triggered as much as I use to. I feel like I am healing, but my brain will always be stuck "ON" and I will always...
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    Anybody get triggered when they are happy? read pls

    Thanks Lucycat. Your answer summed it up. I have read the cup theory, I guess I didn't think that "good" stress added to it. I just think its so weird! Even if I am totally happy and I am stressing about cuz I am running around packing our bags and trying to make sure I have...
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    Anybody get triggered when they are happy? read pls

    Does anybody else seem to trigger or get super anxious when you are happy? Like I am talking about, if I am getting ready to go to a wedding, or to go out on a date with my hubby, or if we are about to leave on a vacation or go out with seems to be like the hours before we are...
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    Best Jobs For Ptsd

    I am a registered nurse. When I was going through school I was so scared I would end up with a high stress job (at a hospital trying to juggle patients and doctors and charting and ahhhhh! Lol) Luckily I discovered a job where I am my own boss. I am a private duty nurse and I take care of one...
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    Poll Your Children And Your Abuser

    Maybe you should see why I voted yes and rethink your post. Some people do not have a choice especially if they share children with the abuser. I'm sure you have figured out that police and other authorities pretty much don't do squat unless their is hard evidence and in a lot of cases of abuse...
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    Sufferer Finally Ready To Talk To Others Besides My Pdoc

    Thank you for all of the positive replies :) I have been looking through a lot of the posts on here and I am astonished at how much I relate to all of these different posts. In a world where you feel alone, especially as a mother who feels like I am ruining my childrens childhoods with all my...
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    Sufferer Finally Ready To Talk To Others Besides My Pdoc

    My name is ashley. I used a nickname for my screen name because my abuser (my ex) likes to stalk me in anyway he can (including virtual). I am a 27 year old mother of 2 boys. I was diagnosed with cptsd and borderline personality disorder. I developed my ptsd as a result of an abusive...
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    Poll Your Children And Your Abuser

    I'm brand new here. I voted yes. But here is a valid reason. My abuser was my ex. He is the father of my children. Because of the "wonderful" court system... They dismissed aka didn't care that I was abused and suffered from PTSD caused by my ex. So I am forced to share custody. Oh nobody...