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    PTSD After Violent Attack

    I love that image, now let your pedals grow back stronger; and yes, he sounds like the fruitcake, if you asked me. Donna-Lynne
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    How Do You All Handle The Dark?

    Well, dear one, I think it was sometime in my late 20's, that I could fall asleep with just a little night light on. TV is my sleeping pill, usually I try to set the timer, but I always have to see when I wake up. I would be terrified as you say, if I could not see. Try some night lights in the...
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    PTSD Has Hit Hard Again

    To God, our lives here is just a sneeze. For us it may seem like an eternity, but for him our entire lives, if long lived, is but seconds. Make your seconds count with a lot of laughter, (many comedy sites and emails), to counter balance the sadness we all go through. My friend's life down here...
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    Another Death to Deal With

    The Possible End To Babygirl,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1/30/08 Forgive Me Ferret Can I be forgiven, can you shed some light. Feeling like a criminal, with the best intentions, is my plight. No answer to survival, no known destination, for justice. I, the worst person ever, Writing...
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    PTSD After being Almost Dead

    Welcome again, I'll be sitting by the fire, reading my junk food for the brain, celebrity gossip magazines, entertaining, if not fact. So grab a chair and take a load off. lol Donna-Lynne
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    New Member - Retired Military 20 Years

    There will be times, that I had to shut up for such a long time, that I will reveal some bitter details, it is not to trigger others, its just getting it out, and more admitting to myself, that yes, it is true, I did go through it, and survived. Have a safe trip around the site, Donna-Lynne
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    Diagnosed with Chronic PTSD

    Yes Fairlena, There is an abundance of helpful people here at the site, and the best part of all, is the knowledge that we no longer are alone, and the only ones that went through our nightmares...there are many. Donna-Lynne
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    Loving Sex And Flashbacks / Intrusive Thoughts

    Like I've said before, when I'm feeling like just a physical receptical, I stop immediately. Yes, I discuss my problem, and things have worked out, or if it didn't, I quickly put on my walking shoes. Single again in NC, and that's just fine with Donna-Lynne
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    Another Death to Deal With

    Well, another night of good sleep. Very groggy this morning, feels good. I am feeling like the world's worst friend to my ferret, but also know there is nothing I did wrong, and that where ever she is, my father and brother will take care of her from above. I kind of yelled at them, giving them...
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    Nightmares - Real Memories, or My Mind Playing Tricks?

    My Sarge would not let me off the phone until at the end of the conversation, I would say, yes these things happened. I would try to end it with, Sarge, now can I pretend it was just a really bad movie, again, until he was convinced, I had to repeat it was all too real. (Then I did chalk it up...
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    How Do People Respond To Your Trauma/Post-Trauma?

    Well my newly ex, doesn't know it yet, said to me I should not have told his friends I have c-ptsd - that's the end of him. It is who I am, I always let people know this about me, and what they may notice about me before I do. I am an open book. If someone doesn't like it, next. I don't need...
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    Therapy Dilemma

    Just like you wouldn't go to a foot doctor for a eye problem, don't go to a therapist that does not understand your issues. If there is even a possibility that the therapist of old is insulted, that is that person's problem and not yours at all.!!! See if you can't work with this new person...
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    Another Death to Deal With

    thank you, pandora,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Stood Up To a Bully

    BRAVO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CONGRATS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BET IT FELT WONDERFUL,,,,,,,,,,,,, Donna-Lynne
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    Nightmares - Real Memories, or My Mind Playing Tricks?

    Just treat them all like flashbacks, in my opinion, the truth usually surfaces eventually. Maybe start a journal, and label a page "fear", write all that you fear in that section along with writing about the dreams, and flashbacks. We all have some answers that lie within our minds, its just the...
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    PTSD After Violent Attack

    How many times do you her a male or female describe a mate as a psycho, usually it's because that psycho has hit the nail on the head about the problems that person has. Don't sweat the small stuff, no one has walked in your shoes, and if they did, they would appreciate you for who you are...
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    Scared to Death

    Hey Yman, You are not alone in here, you can get all that is bottle up for the most part out amongst so many that have been thru so much. You have not had enough help in your past, but it does get easier, especially here, where others hear, understand and respect you. All the things you were...
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    PTSD Has Hit Hard Again

    If you can,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it might be hard, when saddened, can you imagine the times he cracked you up, the times where he was so important in a situation, etc, and then feel joy that you are lucky to have those memories, that part of him will always remain in you, and try to end on what...
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    PTSD Family - Son Murdered

    Whatever God's plans are, he keeps it a secret, but I've come to the conclusion that he takes who he does, for whatever reason. Working in a doctors office which entail all areas of medicine, I, having lost my father and brother to huntington's disease, I say to myself, God even takes baby...
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    Another Death to Deal With

    Oops kicked enter, shut phones off so mom didn't call and wake me, only to say she was sorry and talk for twenty minutes while I would make coffee and really not hear a word, instead she knocked on the door,,,,,,,,well ten hours is good for me. I am coming to the conclusion, my dear friend Lars...
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    Another Death to Deal With

    Ten Hours Of Sleep In A Row!!!!!!!!
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    Reluctant to Change After 40 yrs

    I say to docs, hey my brain is broken and I like it that way just fine. I mean that I know this will never fully go away, and I don't want them to say things that could give others false hope, it would fall on deaf ears if they tried with me. I call psych units my camp or my resort club. I have...
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    Hypervigilance - How To Not Be Scared

    See if you can't find some very soft melodic music, or sounds of the ocean, stuff like that, try to meditate during listening, when invasive thoughts come in replace them with happy thoughts, puppies playing, kittens swatting the puppies tails, bubble machines, rainbows on a nice clear...
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    I Have No More Feelings All of a Sudden

    You're quite welcome, there are many folks here that understand, you entered a safe environment, Anthony was kind enough to start this site, he will probably help you along the way, you are not alone, from one with the same experiences, I see you, I hear you, I understand you, and I am proud of...
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    Hello - Just Diagnosed With PTSD

    Hey, I say, I feel like the outsider looking in, that when we get ptsd we are blasted out into the stratosphere, and are the outsiders looking in, but if we look left and right, we will see the chain of others around us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just look around the site, you'll find them. welcome Donna-Lynne