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    Don't Feel Bad About Leaving The Mental Health Field

    Rusty, I'm sorry that being a mental health worker caused you to end up with PTSD. Being a mental health worker or mental health professional can be very stressful at times.
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    It was actually just the wind, now I feel stupid

    GB, you are not stupid. Feeling anxious about certain things such as certain noises doesn't make you stupid and shouldn't affect your self esteem.
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    Don't Feel Bad About Leaving The Mental Health Field

    Mental illness is a terrible illness for anyone to have. However, lots of people overcome it with the help of mental health workers and mental health professionals. That's a big reason why many individuals decide to enter the mental health field. They choose to make a living by helping...
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    Requesting position change at work?

    JustMeHere, I know you stated that your current job is only short term. However, I was wondering: how long have been doing this job that you don't like? Has it been a few weeks, months, or more?
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    EMDR hasn’t worked!

    User88, since psychotherapy hasn't seemed to have helped you, have you also tried going on psychiatric medication? Some people find psychotherapy to unhelpful, until they get on medication(s) that works well for them, that is. After they get on meds, they then find the psychotherapy to be...
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Now I'm hearing Usura with Open Your Mind.
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    Lots of good things

    It sounds like you are doing really well these days, 12Birds! I'm glad you like your job because having to go to a job five or more days per week that you hate can be really rough. Take it from someone who knows.
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    Boundaries related to covid

    JustMeHere, I'm also tired of having to tell some people to mask up as well. Those who don't mask up are being unfair to the rest of us for two reasons: one it could cause others, including me, to get the virus. And second, if they don't wear a mask when they should, then people like me have...
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    It's common for people who have had bad experiences with untrustworthy people to have trust issues. However, their are people out there who you really can trust, Fern.
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    How are sufferers handling covid?

    Since I had some goals that I wanted to achieve this year but can't because of the coronavirus pandemic, I have been focusing on hobbies that I've had for a long time, as well as coming up with some new hobbies lately. I've found that by focusing on and thinking about my hobbies a lot, it gets...
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    Getting More Depressed

    8888, I'm glad that you're going to give meditating more time, because it can take time before you notice a positive difference in how it helps make you feel. 8888, what hobbies do you have?
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    Brushing my teeth is triggering

    Even if brushing your teeth causes you emotional distress, don't stop brushing your teeth as much as you should and end up with cavities and other dental health issues.
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Now I'm hearing Phil Collins with Hold On My Heart.
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    What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

    What is on my mind right now is that tomorrow I have to go to Wal-Mart and purchase new sneakers and new jeans. I hate having to go shopping for clothes and shoes. But it's no big deal. I'll just get it over with.
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    Experiences of TF-CBT/Dredging Up The Past in Therapy

    I've found that working with competent CBT therapists who would talk with me about my past traumatic experiences has been helpful to long as I was working with a therapist who I felt knew what he or she was doing. Some therapists that I used to work with gave me advice about my past...
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    Struggling with Vilazadone (Viibryd) side effects, dealing with general anti-depressant misery... suggestions?

    JustMeHere, could you try psychiatric medication(s) that aren't anti-depressants...maybe meds that are in a different class of psych meds?
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    Success that means a lot to me - People supporting me, my friend, the people at work, even my boss

    It's great to have a boss who understands. Not all of them do, even in this day and age.
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    Losing my dogs

    My pet cockatiel passed away way back in 2003. And here in 2020, I still miss him. I love the many memories I have of him. I never had to put him down. But it was still hard to lose him.
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    Who struggles with Self-Acceptance?

    I used to want everyone to like me. And although I think most people do like me, I used to hate it when I got the impression that someone didn't like me. Part of how I've come to improve my self esteem and self acceptance is by no longer wanting everyone to like me.
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    Memory flashes

    Cntrymom, what kind of music were you listening to during your walk, and was it music from back in the day or was it newer music? The reason I ask is that maybe the music you were listening to reminded you of some experiences you had in your past. For example, with me, if I hear a song from...
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    Wilma, when you take a nap during the day, how long do your naps usually last?
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    How Did You Sleep Last Night?

    As soon as I turned off my radio in my bedroom last night (I was listening to 80's rock music), I fell asleep.
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    Fear of Asking Questions

    Although my parents didn't discourage me from asking questions when I was a child, I asked lots of questions back then, which sometimes got on their nerves a little bit every so often. Nowadays, I usually ask questions to others if something doesn't make sense to me. But sometimes I take time...
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    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Now I'm hearing J Lo with Dance Again, going back to 2012 or so.
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    What I ate last, about fifteen minutes ago, was American Chop Suey and a salad for supper, with a tall glass of lemonade. It was fine.