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    Need Help Please - PTSD Diagnostic Questions Broken Down

    Hope this helps Not sure if this is what you're looking for but here is a couple: Do you have hyper-vigilance? Whether you are in public or at home, you are constantly looking around seeing what is going on and you hear everything that goes on around you. If you hear a sound that you don’t...
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    So Far Down (May Be Triggering s**c*d*)

    Did your doctors ever tell you about the risk of anti-depressants increasing your suicidal thoughts?
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    'Raped Enough'... Might be Triggering

    I Agree! Rape is rape and I don't care how they may try to excuse it away. Doesn't matter if it was at gun point or any other way.
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    Question Please Help - Told Boyfriend About my PTSD

    I think I made a mistake. My therapist told me that I need to tell my boyfriend about what happened otherwise I was keeping him at a distance and not letting him get close. So I did. He didn't take it the way I thought he would. (p.s.-he's a cop) He basically accused me of making it up and...
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    So Far Down (May Be Triggering s**c*d*)

    Are you ok? Used to have those. For me it wasn't so much wanting to die, it's was wanting the pain to end. I'm here if you need me...
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    PTSD and Extra Sensitive

    Me Too I have that too, its called hypervigilence. It's a symptom of the PTSD. My therapist told me that because of what happened, we have a heightened sense of awareness to protect ourselves. I can hear most of every converstation and I catch myself when I'm talking to people or doing...
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    Hello - Raped by Friend

    Not really sure what to say..... I was raped May, 2002, by someone who I thought was my friend. I made the mistake of not dealing with it then. Not long after I began to have horrible panic attacks, nightmares, really jumpy and nervous, if someone snuck up behind me I would freak out. I didn't...