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    If You Where an Animal, What Kind Would You Be?

    great thread....I think I am a stray cat as well as Cecilia - it was so eloquently.... but i have always wanted to be an elephant, since I was a little girl.
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    We Are Engaged!!!

    Congrats to the both of you! :) Annie
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    Poll Do You Have Difficulty Recognising Your Emotions?

    Emotions??? What are emotions???
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    Do You Think It is Possible To Heal Without Support From Significant Other?

    You know...I can't stop thinking about this.... I just want to throw this out there....but perhaps you stay with your spouses even though they show no compassion because you think you don't deserve better?? Well I am here to tell you all you truly assertive, asked for the support, if...
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    Do You Think It is Possible To Heal Without Support From Significant Other?

    Wow- This Thread Saddens Me. I read this thread simply to see what advice people would offer. I was shocked to see that this is a regular thing for PTSD sufferers. I am not in a relationship at this moment in time. However, I did leave a prior relationship for this very reason. At the time...
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    Migraines And Being Dizzy

    migraines and dizziness....all the time...I have had migraines since I was a little girl, they are genetic for me...great gift to get passed on :) mine have always been a mixed bag of tricks...but dizzy is a popular sucks and you really just need to be aware of it for driving or...
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    Why don't i feel deserving of anything food?

    Great thread Roo... I too relate all too well...I am learning about thought records and that helps me to change how I see myself. I am nowhere near feeling good about myself, but I now have faith that with a lot of work and determination, I can make it happen. Thanks for starting the thread...
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    Disassociation: How To Lessen It!

    Cecilia - that's called grounding...and it is NOT insane, it is an actual coping skill. Bevcan - I am in an Acute Partial Hospitalization Program, or as I like to call it, Crazy Camp. It's a 4 week out patient basis program. For 4 weeks I go there 4 days a week and learn all kinds of life...
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    Numbing & Depersonalization Work

    I figured while we were on the topic, why not add the other definition? :) Dissociation is a state of acute mental decompensation in which certain thoughts, emotions, sensations, and/or memories are compartmentalized, diagnosed mostly in individuals with a history of trauma. Dissociative...
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    Therapy Question

    Thanks everybody, sorry I haven't responded earlier...I have been off line for a few days :)
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    An Annoucement From Me & Some Questions Re: Withdrawals

    Hi Rachel, I am new to this thread...just read through it...4 years ago was my first try with any anti depressant and it was Effexor...I did not respond well to it all all...every possible side effect, I had, so after a month and a half on it I quit cold turkey. It sucked major, I had every...
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    I see ones that seem specific to medical DID or RDS, etc....there is always something somewhere...and I don't know if I should be asking the person who started the thread or not.
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    Therapy Question

    Thanks Everyone Thanks for all your responses...I found this person through a colleague who apparently had a friend who saw this woman years ago and had a great for what she saw her for I don't know. Apparently, when I contacted her she said in her email that it would be like a...
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    Vent - I Left My Husband & I'm Scared

    catjudo Your daughter will do just fine with constant affirmation, routine and consistancy. She is young enough and resilient enough that this should present itself as a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of things. Like I said before....if you remain consistant with your plans and with what...
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    Massage Therapy

    thanks Hi Mina, thanks for responding....I had been doing acupucture quite regularily for migraines/headaches, prior to my PTSD diagnosis. The only reason I stopped was that I broke my ankle in May and have only had the cast off 2 weeks now. I plan to go back and I will let him know about the...
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    Hey all, As a newbie to this site and reading lots, I have noticed, other than PTSD, there are lots of acronyms that I have never even heard of. Hopefully I am not alone here. Do we have a place that lists them? And if not what is the etiquette for asking what they mean? Annie :dontknow:
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    New To This

    welcome to the forum :)
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    New Here But Not To PTSD:Childhood PTSD - Sexual Abuse, Rape, Abusive Relationship

    Welcome welcome Cyndi, and cheers for being strong and brave enough to seek out help now while you are young...Good for you! Annie:Hug_emoticon:
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    Introduction - PTSD and RSD

    Welcome Hi Beth and welcome...I wish I could help you out but I am still new as well and am not fully versed in RSD. I have no doubt in my mind that this forum will at the very least, point you in the right direction. :Hug_emoticon: Annie
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    Poll Do You Use Stuff Toys / Animals For Comfort?

    I can totally relate to that, Shiraz. I actually 'load' my kids' bears up with hugs when they are away overnight at a granparents place, or somewhere else, so that when they need comfort, they have Mommy hugs. My son is 12 and calls his bear 'Huggy" and my daughter is 8 and calls hers 'Happy'...
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    Poll Do You Have Difficulty Recognising Your Emotions?

    numb? I know I have them...but I am not always aware of what they are. I find that a lot of the time I can rationalize why I shouldn't feel a certain way, but I certainly can't label most. It's ironic though, I have books on every emotion, that I read to my kids, to teach THEM how to...
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    Have a Great Weekend - Will Miss The Forum

    I'm back and ready to read! I read a lot on the airplane home from Calgary. I am liking the " I Can't Get over it" book. That being said I am only in the early stages of the book so it hasn't gotten too scary yet. My weekend was tiring with the 2 hour time change. I was up late every night as...
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    Have a Great Weekend - Will Miss The Forum

    Well, I can't believe I just find something great on the internet that is actually of use to my health and I have to leave it for a few days. I fly out to Calgary for a weekend of scrap booking at a B&B with 2 of my sisters. I leave tonight and won't be back to Ottawa until late Monday night...
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    PTSD And Boredom....Having A Purpose

    As far as having a purpose goes, I have two. 1) Boo Boo Bear #1 2) Boo Boo Bear #2 that would be my kids :) They deserve a happy healthy Mom.
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    As Close To Death As I Ever Wanted

    Welcome to the forum.