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    Recommended medications?

    I'm just reading this thread now and wondering what was the result. Like you, I have a similiar long list of failed medications (over a 35yr history). I end up with every side effect or the med stops working. At this point I would like to try CBD oil without THC but want to do it under...
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    Therapist Shares Her Med Taper

    I want to thank everyone for their thoughts. I have some better clarity about separating out what is going on for me. Before this came up, for a few weeks I've had concerns whether this Therapist has anything else to offer me. I have been stuck restarting my life and overcoming/facing...
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    Therapist Shares Her Med Taper

    On my way out from therapy (and I don't even remember how it happened), my therapist mentioned that she is considering doing a taper from her psych drugs. I hadn't known that she even took psych drugs. I'm feeling like I don't want to be her patient while she goes through drug withdrawal. I've...
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    Anxiety Overload and Coping

    I hate anxiety. I'm also overwhelmed today. Small steps. Deep breathing. Hoping you (and me) make it through.
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    Lack of options after 50? Ideas?

    Hello Whirlwind. I hope you see this. I'm just reading your thread for the first time right now in February and am wondering what, if anything, has happened. I'm right there at the cusp of rejoining the world. I'm 54, on disability from my accident in 2015, and feeling extremely isolated by...
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    Trauma Specialists

    Myofascial Release (John Barnes Method) had been very helpful for unwinding my trauma. Another good group are therapists certified in Somatic Experiencing. Good luck.
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    Leaving Psychiatrist - Irrational Fears Sending Me Into Anxiety

    Thank you Nessa7 for a response. I know I need to do this and push aside my fears. This hasn't helped me deal with my victim mode.
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    Leaving Psychiatrist - Irrational Fears Sending Me Into Anxiety

    I think I am looking for a space to write/clarify my thoughts and get some feedback. I probably need to leave my current psychiatrist but as a trauma survivor I have so many irrational fears that the thought of making this break sends me into anxiety. I have seen this doctor for 10 months...
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    Seroquel turned out to be bad news - any experience weaning off of it?

    What are you taking instead of the Seroquel? My doctor suggested it and after reading reviews I was skeptical. I'm feeling stuck in my symptoms yet the medication choices don't look great from the standpoint of side effects and the awful withdrawal.
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    Purpose, passion, and ptsd

    This is me but I am 54. After my accident my purpose was to heal physically. Then - boom- I can walk and I can drive and my old life, work, friends are gone. I've been in therapy for over a year looking for that elusive purpose. I found out that my PTSD is really CPTSD. Accident or not I...