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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    That's awesome....Congratulations too you also Aunty :) twins...omg!! such a blessing
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    Acts Of Kindness

    I've just gone through a length court hearing, putting my perpetrator in jail and I'm now wanting to make a special day for the children's home full of beautiful little blessing that's been exposed too an abusive life and have no family or been taken away for there family. Treat all of them too...
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    Need suggestions for calming down the inner abuser

    Keep saying to yourself " I deserve the best an nothing but the best is for me " try saying it at least 4 times a day, you say it enough maybe you will start to believe :) xx
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    One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

    The one thing that made me smile today, is I found out my daughter is pregnant again and this will be our 6th Grandbaby :) it's due in late October...such a little blessing
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    Sufferer New Normal Me :) Still Lost

    Sorry that's fine I will try and break it up but my writing style will remain the same, but I'm very much still in therapy now....but not the treatment Thanks for your kind words, everyday is still a battle but it's easier now...I still get therapy every couple of weeks...some days can be still...
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    Sufferer New Normal Me :) Still Lost

    Morning everyone, Well that's what it is in Australia. I had the treatment for PSTD in 2015 doing the lengthy hard road too Cognitive Processing Therapy the hardest 6mths, most of my life thinking it was completely normal to feel jumpy, sad, angry, night terror's, flash backs, anxious, nervous...