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    Hiding trauma and PTSD?

    While you may have to tell your past employer of your trauma related ptsd, you do not have to tell details at all and they are bound to keep it between the two of you and you should let them know that info is in confidence. It is normal for people esp of childhood trauma to keep it secrets...
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    Applied for work

    That's great, whiteraven! So glad to hear you are doing better! I know, we all need a breather sometimes. Hoping for the best for you, and for peace. I know it's hard and too too much is going on that is negative and fearful. What has helped many are the following: Taking magnesium and...
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    Sufferer Recently diagnosed PTSD and struggling

    I am so sorry you went thru this. No, you did not do anything to deserve this! No one deserves abuse! Sex abuse is rampant and the internet has added tremendously to the ease of it spreading sadly. I'm glad you did not stay in the abusive relationship, that's no relationship at all! You're...
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    So Messed Up. My Job Defines Me, And I Hate My Job.

    Sometimes it's just good to move on, to change jobs, fresh starts. You can't control what someone thinks of you or anything. we can't change people unless they are wearing a diaper! =D true tho. The best time to find a job is while you have one. Use a co worker as your referance and don't...
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    Sufferer Lost confused help - Severe anxiety & disassociation

    Good for you, I'm proud of you, you are able to overcome and move on to better things! We are a product of our choices, ...then there's grace. Make good small and big choices, step by step and you are on your way. =)
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    Therapist leaving

    This is hard, but it might be a new time of growth, going to a new therapist might help open some doors that you hadn't been able to before. Change is constant in life, so it is best to be flexible and do new things so we don't get stuck and hate change even more. Magnesium is calming so that...
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    Anxiety at Car Dealership

    Congrats! =) One step at a time, it will all work out.
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    Sufferer Lost confused help - Severe anxiety & disassociation

    Wow, no wonder you are going thru so much anxiety, I am sorry that you had to go thru all that. You are obviously a strong person, just going thru so much stress! It is tough on a person and stress depletes you of magnesium which is needed in stressful times. So taking that will help you a...
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    Anxiety at Car Dealership

    You are good enough, you deserve and need good transportation. It will be ok. Somethings that help with anxiety are taking magnesium since it calms the mind body and spirit and taking ginseng to get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop. Speak positive truths to counter the negative...
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    Movies that are too hard to watch.

    Yea, I would avoid movies like that if they are triggers, but instead watch comedies, laughter is healing. Also, if you can't get something out of your mind, work thru fixing it to a better end in your imagination then you are stuck in the bad part. Also, taking magnesium and ginseng are...
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    Learning to trust again after a therapist screws up

    I don't know much at all about neurofeedback, but I do know about trust and how hard it is to trust again after being deceived or used. I'm sorry you were used in that. Happens too often! Many churches offer free counseling so you know they aren't doing it for money. I do know taking...
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    Self harm and hopeless

    I am so sorry you went thru that! I just sucks what little ones have to go thru sometimes. I do pray for healing and peace for you. I'm glad you are seeing a psychiatrist/counselor. If you need someone and your psy. isn't available, many churches offer it free and have professionals on staff...
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    Feeling sucidal

    I am so sorry of your nightmares and fears of past. It would be very good to talk to your counselor about all this, since it is so deep and eating at you. She will be able to give you clarification and wisdom in what to do. Dreams are weird, sometimes it is what happened long ago or sometimes...
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    Mum talks about sexually abusive father all the time

    I agree, ya gotta have boundaries. I would say something like Mom, that is hard for me to talk about, can we change the subject please? If you say that enough, maybe she'll get it. Blessings in your healing! <3
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    Constant fear of lying and doubting myself

    Sounds like you might be a victim of gas lighting. It is when people mess with your mind by confusing you and saying you are wrong all the time and are crazy, that something you said happened didn't happen. It makes a person doubt themselves all the time. Trust yourself, don't go over it...
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    Spouse being very hurtful and yelling at me during my triggers

    You have to keep yourself and your baby safe, first and foremost. If you feel afraid around him, can you go to be with your Mom? Counseling is important so keep up with that, and it will be your proof and guard against him if he tries to legally take baby. Do you have other Moms you can get...
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    Need To Get Angry And Move On

    It is hard to find a good relationship between counselor and ourselves. Many of them are in it to figure themselves out, sadly and are a mess too. Keep looking, also another place to look for one is at a church near you, many offer it free. Another thing that helps us a lot is volunteering...
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    General Newbie vent

    Yes, it is frustrating to feel second place, esp to his Mom. He should choose you before his Mom, even in best of circumstances. You are his wife, his now life. His Mom is his past life, and should be secondary in life now. Of course, you can't change him or make him respect you or put you...
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    Sleeping to avoid dealing with life?

    Please do finish the book, it will be a blessing to you and others, keep on bit by bit, don't over think it or you will end up delaying it, just start, and before you know it you will be done. <3 YOu've got this! Keep it up, you are a writer, and will love finishing this book! =) btw...
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    Piecing things together

    I am so sorry for your loss and sorrow. Is there something deeper from long ago that is the root of your dissociation? How long ago did your father pass? Were you close or was it a complicated relationship? Many times the death of someone we love but they treated us badly is even harder with...
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    Self harm saves me from going suicidal

    I am so sorry what you went thru and for your loss, it does take time and patience and therapy to heal and a lot of self work. Cutting yourself is only furthering the harm done to you, it may be short term release but is harmful to you and your healing. Instead, look for active things you can...
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    what is this? a flashback?

    I'm so sorry, it is very difficult when you feel you are still living in it. Stress is very disabling and can keep you in a loop. Many have found that taking magnesium malate and ginseng help a lot with stress and stress does deplete your body of them. Magnesium calms the mind body and spirit...
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    Do you tell those close to you when you're struggling?

    It is good to talk openly to your husband if you trust and love him. He probably knows something isn't right either way. He is your partner and will help you in this if he loves you. Everyone needs someone they can be themselves with that they don't have to wear a mask around. btw: magnesium...
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    I can’t stand being me any more

    Any therapist worth his salt would not trust the paperwork, it is just a formality. Surely they see the truth as you talk with them. just because you went light on problems on paperwork doesn't mean you can't talk about it now. Talk openly with him/her or there won't be any help or...
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    Sufferer PTSD after bereavement

    I am so sorry for what you and what your Mom went thru! How difficult that would be! I can't imagine! I am glad to hear you have strong faith, I pray for you in this time of grieving and sorrow! I am praying for peace where there is anxiety and acceptance so you can move on. Somethings...