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    Shamanic treatment healed my sleep disturbances

    I been living in Peru the past 1.5 years and about 2 months ago, an extreme wave of PTSD type sleep disturbances hit me, I was scared to go to sleep cuz it was happening every night. Last month I moved to this indigenous community in the jungle and have been staying with a family of shamans who...
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    How to feel safe when your fears are irrational or inescapable

    I see that the most important first step in healing is feeling safe. Someone who has fears from physical abuse can feel safe being physically protected and able to defend themselves. What if the fears are irrational, like about paranormal things that you can't protect yourself against. How can...
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    Not breathing

    I keep getting these otherworldly nightmare things just as I'm falling asleep and I notice each time that I stop breathing before it happens. These sleep disturbances are connected to my breath. Last night I didn't sleep until 5 in the morning because this kept happening. When I fell asleep, I...
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    Social avoidance and self esteem

    I been feeling a lot of social anxiety and I see it comes from a feeling of unworthiness triggered by not overcoming the fear that came on when PTSD symptoms created a big challenge. I've fallen into this low place and risen out of it lots of times but I don't consciously understand how ive...
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    Eckhart Tolles Books - The Power of Now and A New Earth

    Has anyone here The Power of Now and A New Earth? In my experience, putting all of it into practice helps so immensely and it's in the difficult times that it becomes the most valuable and powerful. This morning I woke up feeling sad and broken down, in the past I would gone into a despair...