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    Overwhelming fear

    Hi all Having thoughts like people arent safe cant be trusted, cant go in to work and be around people tomorrow, i am not capable of defending myself, if something bad happens i will go into freeze or fawn and just be stuck in a bad situation. Dont know how to come out of this and it feels...
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    Other people don't exist / I don't exist

    Hey all, Has anyone ever experienced this feeling? I am not sure if it is a core belief or dissociation or a mix of both. Either way, definitely impacts my behaviour and makes it harder to build relationships. I am unlikely to ask about your cats surgery if my brain is screaming you're an...
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    Do i have a bull's eye on my back?

    Hi all, A very good friend I had vetted out for being "safe" and who i have known for 5 years has gradually been turning snide and mean girl-esque with me to the point that it's starting to trigger old stuff. I have set a time to speak to her about it, but the damage is done in terms of...
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    Overwhelmed, frustrated, hopeless

    Hey all, Just making this thread to vent. I experienced a relationship for the first time between end 2018 to beginning 2020. I was happy for some parts, but it was such an onslaught of unexpected triggers and non stop confusion. We are still in touch because he "wanted to be a constant...
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    Childhood Abusive father coming home

    Hi all, We have decided to bring my dad home from the institution he is in tomorrow as he will be at risk of servere covid 19. He has a history of being abusive and my ptsd goes haywire when I'm around him. My workload has increased and I will need to be functional so I can't afford to spiral...
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    Conflict avoidance / leaving therapy

    Hi supportive humans Last weekend I decided to leave therapy. My therapist did something that led to me feeling abandoned. I would have liked to talk about it in therapy, but I don't want to. I don't feel safe raising it, and my mind blocks of and refuses to engage on any thoughts about how I...
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    Therapist asked what i need from them

    It was kind of a heavy session today with some flashbacks. It's a new occurrence for me to have memories come up and try to stay with them in therapy. She asked me what I needed from her and I didn't know. What are things your therapist does when you have flashbacks that help?
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    Being retraumatized whereever I work - do safe places exist?

    Hello all, So I really struggle with being "told" that I need to be in at a certain time/ need to be present in a certain building. It has to do with being held hostage by daddy-dearest repeatedly growing up. It is not that I have to physically leave the office - I just need to know that I can...
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    very triggered

    Hello all, I am currently living with my parents. My ptsd is due to my dads frequent manic phases in which he would lock us in, threaten to kill us etc. I live at home but everytime I see my dad I freeze so I try to avoid him as much as possible. This is usually possible because he sleeps during...
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    Core beliefs reinforced

    Hey all, I wasn't sure where to place this thread, am placing it here. I grew up with the very conscious core belief that people are not to be trusted, are only temporary and that if a relationship feels damaging for me, there is no point in talking about it because addressing it wont change...
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    How can I control my sleeping?

    Hey all ! As a kid sleeping was easier than dealing with my parents, so I would either be out of the house or sleeping as soon as I got home (I could sleep from 5 pm till the next morning). Even though I am not in the same situation anymore (I’m still at home, but my abusive father is in his 70s...
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    Seeing red flags everywhere

    Hey y’all. I’m a new member here. I have been struggling with my mental health since childhood, and was diagnosed as having ptsd a few months ago by a new therapist. I have been reading the posts and discussions here and it’s uncanny how many of the struggles posted here are things I am also...