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    Book recommendations

    Have you found any books that have helped during your healing? I did therapy for many years after my brother assaulted me 8 years ago. I haven’t done therapy now for a few years despite having a relapse due to being diagnosed with chronic health problems. I have chronic fatigue syndrome/ME...
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    Housebound. Anyone else?

    I apologise if this gets long. I was sexually assaulted in 2008, which I buried as I was told I’d cheated on my husband blind drunk, not that it was rape so I buried it and didn’t deal with it. I’ve posted about this before. I kept going and put it out of my mind. Then in 2012 I’d lost my...
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    Self help during recovery

    My main issue with my ptsd is anxiety and hyper vigilance. It go through better periods with it but then any stress will make it all severe again and cause panic attacks and high anxiety. I have social anxiety and don’t socialise with anyone but my husband and children. I had therapy initially...
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    Panic and general anxiety is back

    2 years ago I had major 12 hour panic attacks daily for a year, constant anxiety etc it was awful. Last year I improved massively. I hadn’t had panic in months, they’d become that rare but this last week or 2 my panics have returned. Not sky high for 12 hours but they’ll be an hour or so then...
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    I’m changing my name.

    Hello, I’m new here. I’ve been considering for a while changing my name. I turned 40 last September and thought about it then but put it off. It’s not that I don’t like my name Julie Elizabeth but for me it holds a lot of bad memories. I came from a very abusive toxic family and after my...
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    Sufferer Hello - Starting Healing Journey At 40 After Lifelong Trauma

    Hi, I’m new. I’ve suffered trauma on and off all of my life. I’m now at 40 starting my healing journey. I look forward to chatting to you all.