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    Won't call it daddy issues, I just have issues......with my dad.

    Today I wonder what it is like to have a father? Watching shows where a father is depicted as caring and compassionate has been unusually hard for me. A pang of longing for that of which I'll never have. My father does exist in my life but we are estranged for very good reason, but sometimes I...
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    Caged: Trapped in a Haze of Confusion

    Lots of feelings that reside inside my mind these days. Mainly I just feel like I am on auto pilot, not really sure why I keep going but I just innately do. My passions, motivations and hobbies have all ceased to exist and even if I can muster up the intent and energy to partake in something...
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    Old habits die hard, when will the self sabotage end?

    So my college classes began on the 24th. I'm only taking 2 classes this semester because it's all that I could mentally handle and it's only been 1 week of classes and I already couldn't go to my first one today. I just had no motivation or desire to get up. Even worse my courses are online! The...
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    How am I supposed to do this?

    No matter how I look at it, no matter what choices I ultimately make, I am not met with a sense of peace. I now fully understand the scope of my childhood and the parents that I did not have and will never have. While I make these choices for the betterment of myself, the future ahead of me is...
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    Feeling trapped and don't know which way to go

    The pandemic has been hard on everyone, for me it specifically brought out a lot of emotions and memories and abuse that I had repressed all my life. I am thankful those memories have finally come to fruition however the predicament it leaves me in is one of much confusion. I transferred far...
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    Sufferer Headlocked - Abused By Parents, 23 & Struggling To Know My Purpose In Life

    Hello, I discovered this site thanks to the magnificent Pete Walker and his book CPTSD: Surviving to Thriving. **I accidentally posted my introduction before it was finished lol and I couldn't edit it! So here is what I really wanted it to say: It's a bittersweet feeling introducing myself...